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Jul 28, 2004 02:35 PM

Weber's Burgers

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are north of toronto on the way to cottage country i hear?
a lot of hype surrounding their burgers from what im hearing....any thoughts? anyone tried them?

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  1. Hwy 11 in Orillia, a bridge crosses south and northbound traffic so you can park on either side.

    Try their Pearson terminal 3 location if you're not sure if it's hype, but if you're going up north this long weekend be prepared for a long wait in line.

    I like Webers myself (not a big meat eater either) and try to visit the Hwy 11 spot once a year at Thanksgiving before they close up for the season.


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    1. re: Derek

      I USED to really enjoy Weber's.....but.....I have been a few times over the last several years, and honestly, I can't remember why I was ever excited! I find the burgers to be oversalted, thin, and more filler than beef.


      1. re: Cheech5001

        Weber's is over rated. I think Super Burger, NW corner of Hwy 89 and Hwy 10, is far superior. The best and most deliscious BIG burgers, and they even have a train... or is it a subway car? The atmoshpere and experience is not as unique as weber's but there's hardly any line and the food is way better.

        1. re: Alison

          Interesting, I am often forced to stop at Super Burger and really am not that impressed with it! Ordinary burger, chicken breasts and souvlaki, fries very light coloured, chunky with no peel so they get soggy quickly. The lineup even when longish does move quickly, I'll give them that. I thought the Weber's at the airport was actually a little better, although maybe it was just the novelty, vs. the enforced stop at Super Burger sometimes twice in a weekend...

          1. re: anon
            Mississauga Matt

            Super Burger is in Primrose (near Shelburne), and I agree with anon, nothing special but, like Weber's, is a bit of an institution.

            They have encorporated an old TTC streetcar into the restaurant.

            1. re: Mississauga Matt

              Just stopped at Webers on the way back to TO this is average and kinda pricey- two burgers, two drinks and two fries for $18!!! Love the clean lawn they have. Not worth the trip up the highway but a nice pit stop if you happen to be passing by.

              I thought I saw a Webers at the airport in one of the terminals.

              1. re: LoveToEat

                As previously stated, it's not really worth a stop unless your kids and dog are driving you nuts and they need a place to stretch their legs. I'd suggest the double burger. It's not that bad.

      2. re: Derek

        There is a Weber's in Barrie as well.
        It faces the lake.

        1. re: erley

          And does anyone know how they compare to the US chain White Castle?

      3. Reasonably good burgers; not better than any other independant burger joint in the city.
        Reasonably bad fries (plain old frozen .... yuck!)with a sprinkling of what looks like Lowry's seasoned salt.

        I Never could understand the buzz about this place.
        I guess after a weekend in the woods people are hungry enough to eat anything!

        Having said that, I still stop there .... a tradition, I suppose ....

        1. Check out the previous Weber's discussion below.


          1. As someone said, it's the tradition. You park, stand in line, slather ketchup or mustard on the perfectly adequate burger (nothing special, in other words) and eat it on the lawn, or even back in the car. It marks the end of the weekend, or the beginning of the weekend, or whatever. Not worth going out of your way for, but better than your average route-to-cottage-country food. Enjoy.

            1. d
              dionysus & maenad

              Weber's on HWY 11 is not bad at all, I agree.
              Line up ehh...?!