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Jul 28, 2004 12:24 PM

Review: Tandoori Time, airport area

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3 locations, actually, 1727 Albion Road just east of Hwy. 27 (this is the one I went to, and is the 'flagship' store), 848 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W, Mississauga, and 30 Melanie Dr., Brampton. Their sign said they are a "Pakistani" cuisine restaurant, but I confess that I am not well-versed enough to distinguish the regional differences between it and what I generically call "Indian" cuisine. No offence intended.

I went here for lunch as I was on a chowconnaissance in the area. First impression was "Hm. What used to be a kentucky fried chicken outlet (it has the 'lighthouse' thingy still on the roof). Now, Tandoori Time. Fun name." A good first impression: the place was spotless and nicely appointed. Indeed, they have a window looking into the kitchen which is right behind the tandoor oven and, if I recall, a grill... this is risky in the extreme, but it looked like they washed the window twice a day: perfectly clean. There was only one other table occupied when I went (at 1:15 pm on a Tuesday) but a large party of locals showed up just as I started my meal.

I'm not up on the lingo, alas, so I can't describe exactly the dishes or spices that were used, but I decided to have an order of vegetable samosas (2 for $1.99, served with that 'ketchup-y' stuff) and their lunch special platter (6.99, your choice of meat or non-meat). The platter had two meat curries on it, one spicier than the other, a disappointing garden salad (iceberg lettuce with a couple of slices of tomato... but I could have (and will next time) order the onion salad instead), some yogourt, and a large naan fresh out of the tandoor. The naan was delicious: crispy outside, fluffy inside, brushed with butter (?) and sprinkled with sesame seeds (?). It is the best naan I've had in recent memory. The curries were also exceptional: they were moderate-to-moderately-hot (to my tastebuds), but the heat was slow burn and, unlike many "indian" foods, the heat did NOT take away the taste: they were rich and delicious, pleasing texture, fresh on the tongue and amongst the better curries I've ever had. Being lunch, the portions seemed small-ish to the eye, but at the end of the meal, I found myself over-stuffed and indeed had a bit to take away.

The samosas were OK, but not exactly to my liking: I prefer them with a crispier outside, where these were just semi-crispy, almost more bread-like with a crust. Sort of. Very tasty though.

So, all in all, certainly one of my prouder finds as I scour this corner of the city for suitable lunch spots. I will most definitely go back, possibly in short order, as the experience was quite exceptional to my still somewhat semi-educated taste buds. But I do know what I like, and I liked Tandoori Time very much.


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  1. Yes, an excellent lunch spot for that special. The naan is perfect, but instead of that, you can get rice which too is perfect in taste and colourful creation, as good as I've ever had. Since they introduced the lunch special, I confess to having neglected the many other splendid items on the menu. Guess I'm fast and easy!

    You remember it's previous life as a KFC and the new restaurant has been there for maybe 2 years. Well I understand the north west city is not a haven at times and it can be hard to try new places. I passed this one dozens of times before finally venturing!

    I mentioned the hidden Exotic Indian Cuisine about the same distance opposite from this restaurant. Superb lunch buffet from experienced and gourmet owners!

    Keep on serachin', searchin',searchin!

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      >> mentioned the hidden Exotic Indian Cuisine about the same distance opposite from this restaurant.>>

      Where is this located?


      1. re: Alan

        Google. Google is your friend.

        848 Burnhamthrorpe Road West, Mississauga, ON (905) 276-5252

        1727 Albion Road
        Etobicoke Ontario M9V 4J9
        Phone: (416)742-7272

        1. re: Alan

          Exotic Indian Cuisine is located west of Hwy 27 on the north side just past the first lights west where there is a donut shop on the same side at the corner.