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Jul 27, 2004 07:39 PM

dinner pre Hairspray

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Seeing Hairspray on a Sat eve with 2 teens. Would like to eat either close to the hotel (Hilton-145 Richmond St W) or theater (Princess of Wales-300 King St). Nothing fancy as we're be sitting in the show afterwards (and driving up from Niagara that morning)! Thanks.

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  1. Are your teens adventurous eaters or do they want the tried and true?

    Milestones is a restaurant that is within walking distance of the theatre. It is located at Richmond and John. Actually pretty good for a chain restaurant.

    There's also Papa Leoni's which is on Peter Street. It's family-style served Italian food. Big portions and reliable.

    If you have any specific food cravings, post on the board and you'll get some good responses.

    BTW, Hairspray is such a fun show. I'm glad that you are taking your kids as it is a terrific family show.

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        It's not for me but it's probably a good starter place for teens. Most teens haven't developed a silver palate yet! Think about your first forays into dining and I'm sure that foie gras wasn't a major food group (yet).

    1. More casual options for dinner:
      The Keg on York St (steakhouse)
      Red Tomato on King St (bit of everything)
      Whistling Oyster on Duncan (seafood)
      RD's Ribs on Duncan (ribs)
      Il Fornello or Kit Kat on King (italian)