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Jul 27, 2004 11:51 AM

Red Bull Energy Drink

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I've been reading that Red Bull will be available in Canada again soon.
Has anyone else heard this?

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  1. We may be talking about different things, but the red bull I know of has always been available in Chinatown. It's in a small, brown elixir type of bottle.
    Are you referring to something different?

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    1. re: Maureen

      I think she's talking about the one in the 250 ml blue/silver can with red lettering.

      It's an energy (carbs, caffeine and taurine) drink originally from Austria and tastes like liquid gummi bears.

      I don't know if it's available in Canada at the moment. I always pick some up when I'm in the US or Europe for my friends....I personally think it's horribly too sweet to drink by itself. I have found that it mixes really well with chivas.

      1. re: QC

        Actually Red Bull is originally from Thailand, not Austria. Those are the little brown glass bottles that Maureen is referring to (see BevNET review URL)

        The worldwide rights were sold in the early 90's to a group of Austrians businessmen who now market it globally except in Thailand where the original family controls the rights.

        Their marketing strategy is why people think Red Bull is originally from Austria, but it isn't. What's in the silver - blue cans is a reformulated and carbonated version of the Thai original. There is no mention of Thailand on the RedBull website, they'd prefer you to believe that they invented it! But if you've ever been to Thailand on vacation, you'll see 'Krating Daeng' everywhere and will know otherwise.

        Anyways, $8 is a lot to pay for a non-alcoholic drink!


        1. re: Derek

          The Red Bull I referrd to in my earlier post is $1. in Chinatown.

          1. re: Maureen

            Redbull WILL be coming to Canada (cans)legally. The canadian rights were recently secured, and there is only corporate training left to complete. Look for Gretzky's to be the first to offer it...i know it seems weird for it to offer, however Gretzky's is majority owned by a prominant Canadian family, who now own the rights.

            1. re: In the know

              It is avaialable NOW and IS being sold right NOW at REMYS in Yorkville... like the post a few above stated....

              1. re: Peter

                You can also get it at "Spacco's" a pool bar north of Eglinton on Yonge (I saw cans on the bar there this past Thursday night). I have also seen it for sale in a convienience store in London Ontario this past weekend. No doubt it will be everywhere very soon.

            2. re: Maureen

              I realize this is a very old post but do you happen to remember where I can get the Red Bull in the little brown "elixir" bottles in Chinatown? The regular Red Bull in the blue & silver cans is a bit expensive at $3 each. I train in Muay Thai 3 times a week and drink a bottle before and it get quite expensive. If you remember I'd appreciate it.

        2. re: Maureen

          The Red Bull sold in the brown bottles is actually the Thai version of the drink. Tastes pretty much the same as the canned stuff but I have no idea as to any other difference in terms of ingredients. The canned version is the most common but I have rarely seen it in Canada.

        3. Red Bull in a can like they have in th eUS & England is now available in Canada. Remys in Yorkville has it on their patio. It costs them $60 a case (24) to buy it from the distributor... So just the can of Red Bull with no alcohol is $8 I belive...

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          1. re: Charles

            $8 for a can of Red Bull! That's's roughly CAD $2-3 in all the places I buy it! Heck the most I've seen it is here in the UK for GBP 1.30.

            Oh course, it's also formulated differently for each of the countries its in. I can't really tell the difference since I never drink it staight; but I've been told that the US formula is much sweeter than the european ones (not surprised). But I also know that the amounts of Taurine vary from country to country based on the local FDA (or equivalent) requirements. I think the Austrian formulation has the most in it.

            1. re: QC

              Sounds like Remy's is ripping people off imo. There are several places in the city that have been importing Red Bull in a can, including The Nutty Chocolatier in the Beach (although they have been out of stock of late). It is the proper stuff from Austria as well... same as they sell in the US. Which I always thought was the same as in Europe/UK? It seemed the same to me, I brought back about 12 from the UK two years ago and could have sworn it was exactly the same... I do know the version in the bottles is different, sweeter with no carbonation.

              Anyways, I picked up a case last time I was in Buffalo from Target, it was about $1.65 per can.

              Red Bull + Vodka = Good times.


              1. re: Vise

                I guess it's just subject to the same "corkage" fees we've all come to know and love.

                Anyways, the price just caught me off-guard b/c I was just packing some in my luggage the other night after buying it at much lower retail prices over here.

                1. re: QC

                  It'll be readily available in Ontario soon.

                  Please note: The genuine version imported straight from Thailand -- not the carbonation versions etc.

                  1. re: 5andman

                    The non carbonated version, in the small brown bottles is already available in Chinbatown, it's $1.
                    Why not just add mineral water if you want carbonated?

                2. re: Vise

                  To put things in perspective Remy's is a bar (the food doesn't really qualify it as a restaurant) so 2-3 times retail is normal on ALL beverages in the Toronto market (which doesn't make it right).

                  1. re: Vise

                    What about trying a new energy drink to Canada - Diablo its all natural does the job and is cranberry flavour - what would someone have to do for you guys to try it - its sooo much cheaper than red bull.

              2. I have a couple of cans left from my last trip to the UK. Where can I buy it here?

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                1. re: Dooley

                  Pusateri's on avenue Rd. Toronto

                2. I had one the other day at Gretzky's. They had a nice "Redbull" mini-fridge on the bar.

                  The thing I can't wait for is to see it in my local convenience store. When I want a Redbull its not usally at a bar.

                  1. YOu can find RED BULL at 1000 Bloor street in toronto. In between Ossington and Dufferin.

                    It's about time. It's slowly making it's way into the canadian market yes. Look out for the promotions team in a racer.....Yell out Red Bull....

                    RED BULL