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best buffets in toronto

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what are the best buffets in toronto

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  1. Las Vegas has totally spoiled me for buffets There is absolutely no comparision. I haven't eaten at any Toronto area buffets since.

    China Buffet King was fairly decent a few years ago but I've heard it's gone downhill. Terra offers a Sunday brunch buffet which should be excellent.

    1. jerusalem at leslie/finch has a pretty good middle eastern buffet (more variety on weekends); there are any number of chinese buffets (china king buffet at warden/401 is my preferred)

      1. To the original poster: Could you specify what cuisine you're looking for? Chinese buffets are a dime a dozen in this town, but if you want something other than Chinese then some more searching is required...

        1. The King Eddy has a fantastic brunch buffet. It has things like salmon eggs benedict, crab legs, raw oysters, roasted garlic heads, fresh figs, as well as the usual brunch stuff. Pricey though.

          Another interesting buffet is the Jewish one on sundays at the Free Times Cafe.

          1. In my opinion there is only one really good buffet in Toronto. The Hot House Cafe offers buffet Sunday brunch from about 11am until 3pm, with live jazz, a wonderful patio if weather co-operates, and really nice food. The Sunday offerings include breakfast items, an omelette bar, waffles, as well as Italian dishes (lasagne, other pastas),great salads,etc. I think it is still under $15.
            On Wednesday evenings they also serve a buffet, with roast beef, seafood, pastas, and a dessert table to die for, still under $15.
            The regular menu is good too, and the staff really seem to love working there....I have never had less than excellent service....even on buffet day!
            Hot House Cafe is located at the north east corner of Front St. and Church St.

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              I like the Hot House buffet well enough. It's good without being great. I've never been to Las Vegas buffets so I can't comment there. The only time I was overwhelmed by a buffet was several years ago at a fancy hotel (whose name I do not recall) in Taipei. It was enormous, with North American food in one area and Asian food in another and European food in another, as far as the eye could see, and all of it tasting much better than your average buffet.

            2. Best buffet hands down is the Academy of Spherical Arts ( sphericalarts.com ) in liberty village. They used to have a buffet once a year during Christmas but it was so popular they now have it every Friday for lunch. I think it's around $20/person if I recall correctly, plus drinks/tip.

              Their selection varies every Friday but they always have some assortment of cheese/crackers, salads, meat, fish, pasta, veggies, etc. Dufflet (dufflet.com ) desserts and gelato ice cream! Damn.. got my mouth watering just thinking about it... I must go back and visit them soon

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                The Academy of Spherical Arts Annual Holiday Buffet (Starting Thursday, November 30th until Friday, December 22nd):


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                  Agra has a good indian all you ean eat lunch buffet. it's on Yonge/Sheppard.

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                    Agra is about the worst Indian restaurant in Toronto.

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                    Just what exactly is this Academy? looks like it's kind of a pub/pool place?

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                      This place looks great.

                      What are the prices like on drinks. The menu looks reasonable.


                  3. Hot House Buffet rocks for Sunday brunch..two thumbs up. Tour

                    1. Royal York Sunday brunch is overpriced and not spectacular. Skip this place.

                      1. Sorry to be a bit of topic (food)but I will reply to the question about "The Academy". I have never actually eaten there but I always hear great things. As far as a place to hang out and have a few drinks, its one of my favourites in the city. Great selection of drinks, scotches etc. Beautiful, old, pool tables. Highly recommended.

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                          Great place to drink and play pool. Really nice. But I have never had great food there. Has anyone tried the special lunch buffet this year? They dont say much online so it seems very risky to me given my previous eating experiences there.

                        2. Funny -- I was about to say the same thing. I've never heard of the place until now.

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                            The friday night Tundra seafood buffet sounds pretty interesting. $58 includes a 1.5 pound lobster. Has anyone been?

                          2. for my money the best buffet in toronto with the nicest ambience is Sierra grill at Bayview and Sheppard for good value I would have to say that vinnie Zuchinnies at Dufferin and Steeles runs second for a fabulous Italian Buffet, nothing like Frankie Tomatoes, that place is a dive.

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                              Is Sierra Grills buffet just a salad bar or what else is there?

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                                Interesting, I would actually go the other way and say that I can't stand Vinnie Zucinnies and much prefer Frankie Tomatoes (Steeles/Woodbine) To each their own! :)

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                                  Frankie's has a lot more choices but it seems not as tasty as Vinnie's. Regardless they have both been declining and we've stopped going.

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                                  Yes, Sierra Grill is good if one is accustomed to eating POO.