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Jul 25, 2004 10:25 PM

Hero Burger

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Went to the new one in Markham (Leslie and Highway 7).

230 Commerce Valley Dr East
Telephone 905.763.5782

Tried their 8 oz Hero Burger (comes with sliced onion, tomato; also asked for honey mustard). Got the combo which included fries and a soft drink.

I thought the burger was quite good. The meat was grilled just right but I wish it was a little thinner to make eating the thing a little easier. Mixed into the meat was a certain something...malt vinegar maybe? Next time gotta ask the chef at the back who I can only see from the neck up. He better have pants on. The bun was so fresh (not a segway). On top are poppy and sesame seeds. The fries had some skin on them (ala NY Fries)...but I wish they were a little more crispy.

They need more in the way of drinks...shakes, maybe? And it would be cool if they had a toppings bar instead of ordering it off the menu. That way I could use their sauces to dip my fries like the Euros do.

The decor is kinda trendy. I thought I was in an oxygen bar for a second. This particular location is in tandem with Lettieri Espresso Bar (like a Second Cup/Starbucks).

In summary: Yummy, would return.

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  1. Thanks once again for reply to my first posting about Macedonian Restaurants that are no more, sadly! You must have liked Fuddruckers if you ever got to one here or now only in the U.S.A. They were great! Ironically, again at Parliament & Queen when there were Macedonian Restaurants, there was at the corner a greasy spoon Mary's Lunch run by Macedonians but they did have one item on the menu quite unique which I have made for decades at home. Their simple 15 cent hamburger left no room for decisions on ingredients. The hamburger simply came in a very delicate, light tomato sauce loaded with soft sweet cooked onions! Pretty simple, mighty effective!

    1. Just an FYI, I passed thru the TD Centre food court the other day and I noticed they're opening two new places. One is called Tabouli and the other Hero Burgers. Looks like this place is coming to the path!

      1. can you tell me where Commerce Valley Drive is -- trying to find that Hero's location and can't find it on a map. thanks.

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        1. re: brooke

          Hello Brooke,

          You must have an old map. You should be able to find it on the MapQuest website (not trying to be a wiseguy here btw). :) But anyways it's just a minute east of Leslie on 7. On the south side. It's part of a trendy mall. You really can't miss it. And across the street from the hotels and a RBC bank building.

          I live in the area but haven't been to this Hero's location. But have been to the one located in a new plaza located just 5 minutes north. Just west of Leslie, incidentally, on Major Mackenzie. I believe it's next to a Chinese bakery.

          Why they would open one so close together is beyond me. :)

          I liked the burger. I rank it a step above a Harvey's burger. Yet one below a Lick's burger for the following reasons:

          I've always liked how Harvey's grills their burgers. I love the juicy charbroiled flavor. The buns are just regular but relatively fresh. Toppings are up to standard but nothing special.

          As for the Hero burger I found the pattie to be fresh but not really juicy. Yet you could tell they were using a better quality pattie. Was good but didn't have any WOW-factor. The toppings a little bit better quality than the other fastfood chains (e.g. Harvey's, BK, Wendy's...etc.). Almost "gourmet quality" (well, if you compare them with the other like the 3 I just mentioned). And I also had the same buns with the poppy seeds and sesame seeds

          But so far, I think Lick's takes the crown. I like the buns used. It's more a sandwich bun (a Kaiser bun?) than the typical plain Wonder bread hamburger bun. The patties are a decent size and are spiced giving it a little kick. Just enough. The toppings are average quality.Fries similar to Harvey's. Thick with a little skin on them.

          But the best burger I've ever had in my life was in California at franchise eatery called Claim Jumpers ( I went to the one in Anaheim in Orange County. Their portions were absolutely HUGE (by Canuck standards). I might have had a half pound pattie on my "hickory smoked burger"...the hickory smoke aroma permeated the pattie just right...but it was so big I had to squeeze the burger just a little so I could even take a bite. Healthy helping of fries. And coleslaw if I recall (was there in the late 90s). The burger was mouth wateringly tasty. To die for! As a matter a fact I think I better stop talking about it. Except to say that when a waitress came around with the desert tray (she had 1 slice of a cheesecake, chocolate cake...etc..3" wedges!!) I almost dived under the table I was so full. Actually I put two fingers together and made a cross as if she was one of Dracula's ladies. We got a chuckle out of that. Oh and don't forget in California they also have supersized drinks (with free if you'd have room...heh!). A "small" is equivalent to a "large" in Canuckistan btw. :


          So if you're ever in California find a Claim Jumpers. There are many so you shouldn't have any troubles finding them. I wonder if there are any burger eateries in York Region that are comparable. Or worth checking out. Haven't spotted any yet. Recommendations?

          What in your opinions would be your #1 burger eatery in Toronto? Any one is welcome to chime in of course. :)

          1. re: DarkDTSHD

            There have been many more recent posts on Hero, most of which conclude that their food is execrable.

            1. re: embee

              I gave up warning people. To each their own. I personally detest HERO.

              1. re: deelicious

                I've read the other posts. Based on my one experience with Hero at one location I can't understand why some of you hate Hero so much. :) Am I going to the one good location? Is the Commerce Valley location the other? Shrugs.

                Only thing I didn't like about the Leslie/Major Mac location was the service. They only had people sitting at two tables but made me wait 30 min for two burgers.

                Any how, I tend to go to either Harvey's or Lick's for my burgers. Guess I'll stick with them for now. Till some one can recommend better choices.

                1. re: DarkDTSHD

                  I was at the downtown Yonge St. location. I enjoyed the burger but concur that the service was sloppy. There is clearly no control from management - the kids were more concerned with gossip than their jobs. It made me wonder what else management is not paying attention to and may be the reason behind such drastic inconsistencies in people's experiences at Hero.

                  1. re: Tout Garni

                    They are processed homogenized frozen discs of crap that could probably sit out for 10 days without sign of deterioration so personally I wouldn't worry too much about how they handle them...that is if you can stomach them to begin with.

                    1. re: deelicious

                      I agree Dee.

                      I'm sure you're familiar with my feelings posted in my other thread/rant on this place.

                      I swear it's the "Angus" moniker. It suckes people in.


                      1. re: Davwud

                        For sure it does!

                        The Angus moniker is marketing genius. From Loblaws to Harveys, Angus is being touted as better beef, and the blitz is working!

                        The Hero near me on Queen is rarely busy. I would love to see a FF joint with fresh burgers open in its place.

            2. re: DarkDTSHD

              Ummm - if Brooke hasn't found Hero 2 years and 3 months after her post (she posted that in September of 2003!), I am hoping she has given up and opted for something a little easier to digest, so to speak!

              Speaking of burgers, we took a chance on Joe Mercury's Big City Sports Bar & Grill (2345 B Dundas St. W. at Bloor) last night. I was actually craving pizza last night and decided to head to Vesuvio Pizzeria & Spaghetti House (3010 Dundas Street West), since that is where we order our delivery from. Since there were 4 of us, we figured we would try to eat in. Called ahead and asked "are you open?". Response was "yes we are open". Response should have been "we are open for takeout and delivery, as the dining room is closed." Needless to say, we didn't get pizza. Driving back towards Roncesvalles with thoughts of Gino's pizza and wings dancing in my head, we instead decided to take a chance at Joe Mercury's.

              Skeptical, I ordered their pizza, since pizza is the special on Monday, or so said the marker on our table. Waiter said "no pizza, only on Mondays". I said "but it's Monday". He said "but it's a special Monday". Fine. 3 out of 4 of us ordered burgers and a plate of wings. Wings were small and dry - wouldn't do that again.

              Surprise! Burgers were homemade. Hand formed. Fresh. Tasty. I had the bison burger and added a slab of feta. Excellent. The 4 cheese burger had about half a pound of cheese and and half a pound of burger. The All-Canadian was equally well received. Beer was $3.99 a point. Hell, 3 of us ate for $60. It may not be gourmet, but it was nice to get a good burger at a bargain price.


              1. re: Cereal Killer

                Actually it's Sept 23, 2004. But yeah it was a while ago. :)

                If I'm ever in that area I'll try Joe Mercury's. Thanks for the recommendation.

              2. re: DarkDTSHD

                I eat at both Hero's and Lick's.

                I would say Lick's is definitely better. I also prefer Harvey's over Hero's. Hero's is definitely overrated.

                In terms of the Commerce Valley location, if you are at Hero's, the Letteri daily specials are definitely better than Hero's. It's open concept and the two share the same storefront.

                1. re: caitlink

                  So may I ask....why do you eat at Heros?

            3. HERO is only "good" when compared to McD and standard cardiac arrest inducing crap. I have heard that HERO was good in the early franchise days, but the HERO you know today is somewhat lost in translation. Skimpy on the toppings, showy, but not memorable.
              There are literally countless better burgers in Toronto: Right now, "Burger Shoppe" (Queen and Broadview) is topping my list. A bit pricey, but the shoppe burger with caramelized onions is great and for the truly hip/urban/granola types, they have an organic burger. Quality ingredients, good people.

              1. Hero's serves fries which to me seem over cooked and grease laden. Once a burger was served to me pink. I complained via email. Another time the burger seemed to have more juicy fat in it than prevously remembered. I was thinking of my heart, and thinking is this really an Angus burger or something they bought from Loblaws frozen pattie section because they've run out or are cheating. I had an Angus burger from one of the other chains and it wasn't full of Juicy grease. I am wary of Hero. Seniors down the street serves a more home style burger not prepared by aspiring actresses and not cooked by unseen cooks.