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Jul 25, 2004 08:59 AM

Pepper Wok in Dynasty Centre (Brimley and McNicol)

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The Pepper Wok is a little food stall in the food court at the Dynasty Centre. A cook in Ottawa recommended it to us and we've been going there every chance we get.

IF you like chinese noodles with really good broth this is the place to go. I've had their szechuan beef noodles soup, dan dan noodle soup with pork chop, king mushroom and fish noodle soup, the fish noodle soup (noodles are actually made from fish!) and a couple of other noodle dishes that I can't quite recall. The broth in all the soups are very flavourful and rich especially for the beef noodle. What's also wonderful is the price point. Most of the soup noodles are under $6.

If you have a chance to, try this restaurant out. The location may not be favourable, but the food is certainly worth seeking out. Our first time going there, we spent a half an hour looking for it. It's in the mall with the large red bank on the corner.

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