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Jul 24, 2004 11:38 PM

Buffet at Casino Niagra

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Well it is my birthday week, so We went down to Niagra to see the new casino and we ened up at the buffet in the falssview casino.

1)the good.... BIG shrimp and you don't have to peel them. Cold crab legs (i prefer them hot....) BUT they were good. And finally the bread pudding with suace. It was hot, moist, and flavourfull.

2) The BAD.... I tried the beef short ribs..... three times more fat then any meat... disgusing. Roast beef dry and over done. The food was luke warm as well. The soup (carrot/coriander) was teped and not very flaourfull (I LIKE MY SOUP HOT) and there was one choice as well. Nothing else stood out except that it was bland to say the least.,

Now I know it is hard to make a good buffet... BUT i have seen and tasted better and there are many that are out of this world.... But not this time

6 out of ten on the bob scale and the only reason it is that much is because of the very large shrimp. (hay I like seafood... shoot me )

Not reccomened

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  1. Let me srart by saying, I am very pro-Canadian, but I have to say the best Casino Buffet is at Seneca Niagara, just across the river. An incredible selection, high end items, and very well prepared. You see a lot of families come there on the weekends as you can bring kids, you don't have to go through the Casino.

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    1. re: leslieville

      what would you reccommend in the new casino in terms of culinary delights?

      1. re: e

        right now only the buffet, the high end rest, and the temp snack bar is open. The 24 hr dinner is still closed (but it seems ready to open in a couple of days)\

        so it depends on what you are looking for. The high end rest, is very expensive, amd i have yet to try it out.

        1. re: bob

          Thanks for the info. We went to stay at the Fallsview, but we didn't know all the open restaurants were inside the casino. We couldn't take our 3 year old in to eat, so we had to make do with the nearby restaurants. Anyways, the buffet is probably the best deal however mediocre it was.
          We ended spending about $60 for dinner for three adults/1 child and another $60 for breakfast.
          The 24 hr diner looked ready to open when we were there July 6, so looks can be deceiving. But our room was really nice!

          1. re: db girl

            how about the food court is it open yet?