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Jul 22, 2004 03:21 PM

Looking for recs for Grandma's bday dinner (18 people) in GTA r/o

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Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me with restaurant suggestions!

It's my grandma's 79th birthday and we'd like to celebrate at a great restaurant with a great ambiance.

Pertinent info:
Menu: preferably something with a mix like steak, seafood, pasta.
Price range: $20-35 for entrees, not including wine/appetizer/dessert.
Location: anywhere, preferably downtown, uptown, North York or Richmond Hill but can drive to Scarborough or Etobicoke.
Other: preferably somewhere appropriate for children too (we have a 6 yr old and 7 yr old with us).

Thanks!! :)

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  1. I'd try Il Fornello (
    ).locations all over GTA...

    I'm in love with the fig pizza.

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    1. re: Goober

      I'm not sure how highend you want, but the Peartree on Parliament just above Carlton is consistently good. They have a Solarium you can reserve for that many people, they have a good variety, and they are kid friendly. oh- also lots of parking.

      1. re: lesieville

        Thank you both! I will look into them :)

    2. how about hothouse cafe at church and front?