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Jul 22, 2004 12:41 PM

Quick help! And a comment

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We're arriving in Toronto tomorrow (Friday) on a lastminute trip and I was wondering if you could recommend a good restaurant, maybe Italian? Just not French. We're going to Le Select on Friday night and need to find a good place (we're open to any type of food really) for Saturday that won't require a jacket or tie.

We called Perigee for a reservation and the guy who answered the phone was incredibly gruff and rude. A total turn-off. They're not getting my money! At least not this trip.

Susur sounds interesting but is it similar to Rain? I wasn't all that impressed with Rain. I also doubt we could get in on such short notice.

Any other suggestions? Thanks!

Hey -- if you ever want Ottawa recommendations, let me know!


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  1. Try Mistura on Davenport. Friendly friendly staff, including Massimo the chef, and consistently great food. Can't go wrong with Boba, either.

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      Thanks, John, I'll check them out.

      Much appreciated!

    2. And bummer about Perigee. It's really good and FUN, and the staff were all so nice and friendly when I went.