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Jul 21, 2004 02:16 PM

Exotic Indian Cuisine

  • j

Well worth seeking out for quality Indian food, Closed Monday and located at 1850 Albion Rd., located west of Hwy. 27; card states Gujarati, Punjabi, South Indian!

Lunch buffet superb, lot of sauces rich with cream, tandoori chichen very exceptional in its dryness yet tenderness. Cold Yogourt Soup on occasion! I do like heat a lot, but here it is gentle and subtle!

A real thumbs up for the couple named Mistry with extensive past experience at Coxwell & Gerrard!

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  1. If in the area, try it for the honest and regal cuisine. Location is everything which suffers. Out of the way I would say! Our office is a little too far away and the result is we must plan a trip.

    1. Very clean and sparkling new restaurant. Indian buffet certainly much better than average. We'll return again fairly soon to lunch buffet, but also for Dinner menu where talents of chefs everywhere shine.