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Jul 21, 2004 12:33 PM

Waterside Bistro Review

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Decided to check this place out on Saturday with a couple friends. Found the mention about this in Now Magazines “top patio’s in the city” they had a couple months back. Its tucked behind the giant tennis dome on Queens Quay and Lower Sherbourne. The article mentioned a breath taking scene. Well, it was alright. Nothing to gasp about, but it was pleasant. We could see the T-Dot/Rochester ferry on the left side. The rest of the view was of the islands. The patrons seemed to be of the “poo-poo shi-shi” variety. Now, for food: the menu didn’t seem very adventurous, but we were there for a quick bite/to check it out, so we started off w/an order of nachos. For $11, it was a rip off. Nachos, cheese, green onions, tomatoes and jalepeno peppers. That’s it. I guess we’re paying for the view on this one – although its nice to get some fresh jalepenos for a change. One friend got the chicken wrap which he didn’t like. Me and my other buddy got the burger. For $8.50, it came w/a side of fries (which my friend didn’t like. It was on the dirty/soft side. I don’t mind that type so much. I enjoy all types of fries except for that those “crispy” type fries they sell at KFC). Now the burger was really good. Nice flavour, real meat, very juicy. My friend mentioned he’d be willing to drive all the way down (from Mississauga) for these burgers. So IMO, skip the nachos, come for the view, stay for the burgers.

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  1. Agree.
    The food is nothing to write home about. It's the view and the quiet(for us middle aged folk).
    But as for "chi chi", there's a lot more pretension and posing at the many trendy spots around town. Most people here are in jeans or shorts, though, perhaps a more conservative group than on Queen W for instance.

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    1. re: Maureen

      i agree w/your poseur comment. but on sat when i went, the flossin everyone was trying to pull off was unnecessary. i guess we agree to agree...

      1. re: Chin

        Agreed....but what 's flossin'?

        1. re: Maureen

          laugh, sorry 'bout that.
          Flossin' - Hip Hop term to show off. Act arrogantly.

          1. re: Chin Hip Hop

            I suspect we have a bit of a generation gap here.
            My niece is my reference point for all things hip hop.
            Nice talking to you, young man. heee hee

            1. re: Maureen

              generation gap? possibly, but we all speak the same language my friend: food!

              1. re: Chin

                And on that note, I'm heaading up to the "chow nexus" in North York to check out all those Korean bakeries and food marts.
                Have a delicious weekend.