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Jul 19, 2004 11:41 PM

Mangosteen & Szechuan peppercorn - where?

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Hi folks,

Los Angeles hound looking for some local intel. I have an acquaintance going to Toronto next week, and I'd like her to bring back some mangosteen and Szechuan peppercorn. I will be informing her of the risks involved and she can choose to smuggle them, or not.

Question 1) Have you seen mangosteens recently? I'm not sure if they are avaiable now.

Question 2) I request your help with specific addresses, as I'm not familiar with Toronto and neither if my friend. Prior posts suggest mangosteen are available in Chinatown at the K&K and T&C fruit markets (which I failed to find by searching). Harvest Wagon was also suggested. Baldwin Street was mentioned, but no specifics other than that.

I've searched on Yahoo and and this is what I've found. Please confirm or correct these addresses.

Harvest Wagon (don't know if either of these is in Chinatown)
1103 Yonge St, Toronto
546 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto

K&C Fruit Market? (this is what I came up with when I searched for K&K)
303 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto

Question 3) Same deal for the peppercorn, please. Prior posts were skimpy with names of specific spice shops. The one I found is:

House of Spice
190 Augusta Avenue, Toronto

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to any responses.

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  1. Saw lots of mangosteens yesterday on the west side of Spadina, just north of Dundas. Many big Chinese grocers along there, so should be no problem for the peppercorns either.

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      Mangosteens are in season now and are 'everywhere'. I've seen them on Spadina (Chinatown) both sides (E & W) both N and S of Dundas. Harvest Wagon also has them (Yonge just south of Summerhill subway station) - this is the most expensive place - but also the highest quality (as a general rule). Haven't specifically looked for Szechuan peppercorns, but definitely saw them recently at Pusateri's (Bay just north of Bloor) - which probably also has mangosteens - again VERY expensive, but centrally located. Should definitely find the peppercorns in Chinatown too.

      1. re: estufarian

        I had to see it to believe it, but I have seen mangosteens for sale at a few Dominion grocery stores in T.O.

        1. re: Lazar

          Actually a few weeks ago i got a STEAL on them at dominion.....they normally liquidate the fruits they can't sell super cheap in a saran wrapped bunch....

          i got 10 for 2 dollars

          but since i've seen them for 6 bucks a pound

    2. where abouts will your friend be in toronto?

      If she's a not in the downtown core one of the chinese 'superstores' will have what she wants as 'Big Land Farms' or 'T&T Grocery'

      Tell her to pack the peppercorns in her normal luggage as they shouldn't give her a hard time with that boarderwise....the mangosteens may be a little harder to smuggle in ;)

      1. Hi there.. I have found szechuan peppercorns at:
        1) Pusateri's: 1539 Avenue Road (Just half a block north of Lawrence)

        2) T & T Supermarket located in the Promenade Mall at Bathurst and Clark(ish)

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          Professor Salt

          Thanks for the responses, everyone. Gurlfren's co-worker, it turns out, is from somewhere in Ontario, so should be able to navigate, at least, to that part of Toronto. She is not a hound, and may not be familiar w/ Chinatown, so your specific instructions will be of great help in getting her on target.

          I am looking forward to trying the exulted mangosteen for the first time!