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Jul 19, 2004 01:10 PM

Different breakfasts

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Am looking for out-of-the-ordinary breakfasts in Toronto--e.g., Chinese, Korean, Brazilian, Egyptian, Jamaican--anything but brunch, buffets, and ham 'n eggs. Easy TTC access would be helpful.

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  1. You can try a Filipino breakfast (which really isn't all that exciting or different), but Remely's (Sheppard Ave E in Scarborough) in particular offers
    your choice of longsilog, tapsilog, or dasilog. The "silog" is fried egg. "Long", short for longanisa is a sweet Filipino sausage. "Tap" is short for tapa or sweet Filipino beef. "Da" is short for daing or fried fish. All of these dishes are usually served with fried garlic rice or I'm sure you can ask for steamed rice if you wish. Filipinos also eat pandesal for breakfast sometimes. Pandesal is a sweet bread.
    You can find Remely's on the north side, same plaza as Tim Horton's, between McCowan and Markham on Sheppard Ave East.

    There is a Jamaican place (?De Iron Pot?) on the east side of Neilson Rd, just north of Ellesmere, also in Scarborough. About 2 years ago, I tried their breakfast which had diced salted fish, veggies, and wonderful FRESH coconut bread. It was expensive, but quite a good experience.

    And for Chinese, you may want to try Shanghai style dim sum. Ding Tai Fung Shanghai Dim Sum 905-943-9880 at Markham Place (Woodbine/7).

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      You can try any number of Jamaican restaurants for the traditional breakfast of ackee and saltfish. There are two within spitting distance of each other on Danforth Ave. just west of Warden - Jam Dees and I forgot the name of the other.

      Some Somali restaurants serve breakfast (stewed liver, injeera flatbread and other dishes) on Saturday mornings - try Cafe Sinai at Pharmacy and Lawrence.

      I have had Trinidadian breakfast items (fried "bake" and saltfish / eggs / tomatoes) from Caribbean Menu (Danforth Ave about 2 blocks east of the TTC Main subway) on weekends, but I have not been there in months.

      In addition to Goober's Filipino suggestions, there is a Filipino restaurant on Kennedy Ave two traffic lights south of Eglinton (near to the TTC Kennedy Subway station) that serves tapsilog. I assume that they will serve other Filipino breakfast dishes.

      I have tried to keep these suggestions reasonably clost to the TTC subway/bus routes. Goober's suggestions and my own are concentrated in Scarborough, but if you are adventurous I am sure that you will find interesting breakfasts all over the city.

    2. Malaysian buffet linked below (and some debate as to "authenticity")
      Lots of Dim Sum threads if you search the board.


      1. Some of the Ethiopian restaurants do breakfast - a version of foul (fava beans with chilies, berbere, tomatoes etc) + leftover injera fried up with spices etc. Paradise on Danforth might. And some of the spots on Bloor just east of Ossington.

        Chinese congee houses make a great breakfast

        Mexican/Latin American places often do all-day breakfasts. In Kensington Market, try El Trompo's version.

        1. a typical vietnamese breakfast is any of the noodle soups.. pho (beef or chicken noodle soup), or bun (the thinner kind of noodles.. a wide variety of types of soup and toppings).