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Jul 18, 2004 06:09 PM

Any Macedonian Restaurants in Toronto Area

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Talking about Stuffed Peppers, Cabbage Rolls, Stews! There used to be many years ago in the Parliament/Queen area!

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  1. I'm not sure if it's still there or if they even have the food you are looking for, but I use to pass by this "Macedonian restaurant" at the southeast corner of Bellamy and Ellesmere in Scarborough.

    1. 1. Thanks Goober, will check out your reply when I can!

      2. Steve wrote under Hungarian restaurant. I replied that the Constantinople he mentioned actually was a Macedonian Restauarant, and he asked about special meals. I mentioned the incrdedible Baked Pork Hock which had such superb flavour, texture and story!

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        What ever became of the Constantinople restauraunt? They seemed to just vanished into thin air several years ago. Is there another similar restauraunt in the GTA area that offers pretty much the same fare?

      2. Madera Restaurant
        836B Danforth
        It's East of Pape, the entrance is down the stairs.

        1. From my original posting here, I think we have a finale here, unfortunately!

          First to goober for his info, thanks, you do get around don't you!! The restaurant is not there, but I come to realize that I might have missed ourt on something. Will explain later.

          And Steve, about the Constantinople, it was tremendous. Did you ever see Chris in the kitchen? He had all the walls floor to ceiling full of hundreds of Sunshine Girls. Besides being the grrrreat cook he was, he liked to read the paper!!!

          I made a posting at date 1/18/04 for Hungarian Food Restaurant which is interesting as Constantinople mentioned!

          Also date 4/30/03 Looking For An Authentic Macedonian Restaurant --- gee you think someone called Macedonian Babe would invite us for breakfast.lunch and or dinner ( Ho Ho )!!

          Bottom line is only Madera on Danforth comes up and I will go there soon, but it opens at 5 PM? and I am looking for an 11.00 a.m. open kitchen.

          I BELIEVE WE'RE OUT OF LUCK! Even checked at the Macedonian Church on Overlea twice for help with no luck!

          One thing though thanks to goober in that he may be very well right about the Macedonian restaurant he mentioned in Scarboro. Here is how I figure it.

          One of the last to both open and close down at Queen and Parliament was the Macedonian Village, opened by Wally and Bill. After a few years, Wally told me Bill opened a restaurant in Scarboro and for decades never said anything, stupid me I didn't ask. I assumed he opened a Canadian family style restaurant, who knows! So, goober, likely the restaurant that you saw was Bill's and I missed out over the years, ouch, ouch!!!

          Besides my Macedonian Cook Book, that's it!

          One thing to maybe check is around Main on Kingston Rd was a Macedonian meat shop with authentic sausage. These folks were of Jimmy's Meat Market fame at Parliament and Queen, but I was too young to ever know Jimmy's! Such sausage also was avialable at St. Lawrence Market, south building. I'll have to check them again after these years! Macedonian sausage was never available at the restaurants and their key ingredient was leeks!!

          Guess that's it sadly, oh so sadly. A BIG OUCH!!!!!!!

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          1. re: Jar

            Hi Jar,

            Too bad about the restaurant being gone. I think you are right about it being a Canadian family style restaurant. Around 1998 or 1999, I do remember ordering a hamburger there (other stuff include hot dogs, fries, shakes, etc.) but the sign had in small letters "Macedonian Restaurant."

            Anyways, the cook/owner was an older gentleman, in 50s or 60s, thinning grey hair, thin, about 5'6", and his wife worked with him too. I remember that I waited a loooong time for that burger! But it was decent and they were nice and kept saying "not too long now."

            And on another note, yes, I do get around! Especially Scarborough where I lived for 20 years. I now live in Richmond Hill and miss the Filipino restaurants and the Caribbean restaurants (I know of a location but it's not that good!).

            1. re: Jar

              The sausauge king in the south st lawrence market has macedonian sausages both mild and spicy. I also ran in to some in a package at zehrs in wassaga beach of all places but was too afraid to try them. (zehr's????). My macedonian grand mothers are rolling in their graves. by the way 50% of greasy spoon's are run by macedonian's so if you get lucky one of the daily specials may remind you of one of your past meals.

            2. And I thought I was done! One last comment, not evil!

              We used to love this slavic Macedonian down to earth varied home cooking so much, that even as youngsters, young adults, we made a joke!

              We'd say What's A Macedonian? and the answer was a Greek without a kitchen, full well knowing this was a unique and superb cuisine for those of us lucky enough to enjoy it. Now that does seem stupid!! But, I can tell you, we lived a block away and when I took my Grandfather for the first time to dine, he knew what wonderful was, even if we had to have a drink later at home!!!

              But in our reality and reverance, we corrupted the language to mean WE LOVE YOUR FOOD!!

              Well, unless I hear and catch email from someone, I regret this really is it on search for a Macedonian Restaurant!!!! ( BEWARE, this email address means submit and delete, when I submit my sites and sell music world-wide, I try to scan, but do delete!! Try again!!