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Oct 25, 2000 01:30 PM

Thanksgiving in the Sea/Tac Area

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I'll be spending Thanksgiving in the Sea/Tac area. Can someone recommend a restaurant for a traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner?


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  1. You could try Vic's Broiler at the Best Western in Southcenter/Tukwila or 13 Coins in SeaTac (very close to the airport). Also, Tukwilly Grill in Southcenter/Tukwila, like Vic's Broiler and 13 Coins, is a worthy place for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

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      And more on Thanksgiving dinner...if you're not committed to staying/dining exclusively in the SeaTac area (you won't find a fabulous selection of restaurants in that city), a 15-minute drive/taxi ride into Seattle provides some very nice upscale dining choices for Thanksgiving:
      Kaspar's (on Queen Anne); The Hunt Club at the Sorrento Hotel; Fullers at The Sheraton; The Painted Table in the Pike Place Market; Brasserie Margaux; Sazerac; Avenue One. Hope this helps.

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        There are a whole list of places at this web site. Hope it helps.


    2. If you are able to go to downtown Seattle the Camlin Hotel serves a Thanksgiving dinner in its Cloud Room. It's 11 stories up. We had Thanksgiving dinner there 6 years ago. Be sure to check if they still serve the dinner. The telephone number is 206-682-0100.

      1. I can recommend an excellent restaurant that is about 15 miles from Sea-Tac.

        The Lobster Shop in Tacoma on Ruston Way is a wonderful choice for the holiday meal.

        There are two Lobster Shop locations. The Ruston address is MUCH easier to find, has an elegant view and good menu selection.

        Along with the traditional turkey with everything they also offer prime rib and, of course, lobster.

        The restaurant is dressy but not formal. The turkey is well priced, the lobster can run a real tab.

        For a closer location with less atmosphere the 13 Coinse restaurant across from Sea-Tac airport is surpisingly good.

        Happy holidays! Cris L.

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          Mary Terwiske

          Thanks for all the suggestions! We're planning to eat at 13 Coins, since it's close to the airport! Happy Holidays!