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Jul 15, 2004 07:50 PM

Taste of Spain Restaurant Yonge Street

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I've passed by this restaurant a few times, but have never stopped in. I'd like to try tapas, anyone been there before and can give me some indication of what it is like?

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  1. Haven't been there for a little while (1-2 years) but used to go there for the cheese fondue (which they make with Spanish cheeses) and the Sangria. The tapas are quite nice but since I have not tried tapas anywhere else, I have nothing to compare them with. The selection is nice, and I remember the beef tips sauce was very tasty. And the Paella was good, but require 30 - 1 hour prep time.

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      Thanks for the information. How much did it cost for tapas if you can remember?

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        It's not cheap. I think each tapas was at least $5, more for seafood. The tapas portions are small, so you definitely need at least 2-3 items. Also, prices may have risen since then. I've been meaning to try Barcelona on Bloor since I've been told by others that it was better.

    2. Bear in mind this is just my opinion.

      I was very disappointed with Taste of Spain. I found that the service was well below average, and the food was sub-par and expensive. My girlfriend is Argentinian, she was not expecting miracles by any stretch, but she did not enjoy our paella one bit (I might add, that I thought it was crap as well).

      The only thing that we went back for were the churros, which at the time were the best that we could find. But now that Churrissimo has opened, there is no need for us to return.

      I may try going back once more, in case they were have an off night, but the impression that I was left with at the end of the evening was not good, so I can't honestly say when I will be returning.

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        I fully agree with you. I tried their paella. Far from being the real thing... and quite expensive too.

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          I have to agree - I too was hoping it was just an 'off' night, but nope. Unfortunate because it's so close to my house!