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Jul 15, 2004 05:35 PM

new flavour of Perrier? (ginger + cherry)

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as I was at costco today i noticed they had casesof ginger and cherry flavour perrier for sale.

using the internet and perrier' official site....this flavour doesn't exist...

SO...a few questions for you guys

a) has anyone tried this stuff? and how is it?

b) where can i buy a bottle or 6 pack?

I know I can get the case at costco....but i'd prefer not to spend 18 dollars and find out i think it's gross


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  1. You can always utilize Costco's "100% satisfaction guaranteed-no-questions-asked" return policy if you don't like.

    1. Just got back from Paris where we had cherry ginger Perrier and LOVED it -- but didn't know where to find it in US. Is it still at Costco? Did you ever try it? Like it?