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Jul 13, 2004 03:00 PM

Loft on King ST W

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Has anyone been to Loft on King ST W and Bathurst? Everytime I walk by the restaurant seems full.

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  1. Actually we went there on Friday and were pleasantly surprised. We had a going-away gathering for someone and as a result had some people coming by for drinks, and others for dinner. Even though the restaurant was packed, they were very accomodating with our ragtag group.

    We had dinner reserved for 10 people. My only complaint was that the table was actually best suited for 6, 8 at the very most. Fortunately only 6 showed up for dinner so that turned out to not be an issue. We ordered a few appetizers - the calamari and the spinach cheese dip are particularly good. The calamari was crunchy and not too greasy.

    Our mains were decent as well. I had the seared tuna with a side of edamame. My boyfriend had the steak which he quite enjoyed. Other selections at the table included mini burgers, macaroni and cheese (which was really good), quesadillas and ribs. The ribs were nice and tender. The potato wedges were also good (you have a choice of different sides).

    My friend is slightly allergic to tomatos so she asked for the salsa on the side of her quesadillas. When the dish came the salsa was all over the quesadillas, but they got her a new plate within a matter of minutes.

    Desserts are REALLY good and HUGE. The brownie sundae was melt-in-your mouth good. It comes with two giant brownie wedges. The chocolate cake was very moist and the home-made ice cream sandwiches were great as well.

    The service was attentive and courteous. I was impressed with their service because when our group of 6 ballooned to a group of 14, they went out of their way to accomodate us since we were split up between two tables. Another party had reserved the lounge area along the west wall (couches run along the entire wall). This party didn't show up (or were very late) so 5 people had walked in and just sat down. Upon determining that they were not the party that had reserved the spot, the staff had a "vote" and then asked them to move since they had not reserved the area, and our party had been there for a few hours and was split up. We spent the rest of the night drinking and relaxing on the couches.

    To sum up....Prices are fairly reasonable, food is good, the staff is courteous, they have a decent bar...definitely worth trying - especially the brownie sundae!

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      Thanks for the review, I will check it out this week.

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        Certainly atmosphere is excellent and beautiful- something to spice up King west of Bathurst. I've gone for all three, brunch, lunch, and dinner at different times...

        The best of them was brunch and lunch. For lunch, had the trio burger consisting of three very small burgers of different patties (tuna, vegetable, and beef) which was unique, light, and fun. Brunch had the eggs benedict, which was excellent, one of the best benedicts I've had for awhile. However dinner was a dissapointment. The goat cheese ravioli was bland and soggy, with the ravioli seemingly wilted from defrosting and the tomato sauce akin to tomato paste from a can.

        Staff has always been courteous and very friendly, but not always knowledgeable or attentive. Brunch in particular took an extremely long time to arrive. I'm willing to attribute the service problems to opening bugs and will go again soon.


        1. re: ArtificialButter

          I was there with my husband and a friend Friday and thought it was a bit grim. It’s pretty in that sleek modern way, which led me to expect roughly the same quality/experience as Brassai or even YYZ. In reality though, I think it's a groovy-looking space -and not expensive- for people who don't care much about food.

          I found the staff casual and uninformed, to the point of lack of professionalism.

          And the food was pretty bad. My friend asked what type of cheese was in the grilled cheese sandwich and was told Kraft slices, yikes. She ordered a beef stir-fry -it was completely flavour-free with overcooked vegetables and bland rice. I ordered the miniburgers which were a cute idea but arrived room temperature and dry. My husband had the ribs – they were okay.

          It may be one of those cursed spots – the Bloor Street Diner was a disaster in the same location.