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Jul 13, 2004 01:43 PM

Nicaraguan Food???

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Do any chowhounds know if the Nicaraguan restaurant is still open on Bloor or if there are any other Nicaraguan restaurant recommendations?

Went to Sunfest just this past weekend and came across this nicaraguan drink that tastes like liquid Cinnamon Toast Crunch, very tasty...along with the rice and beans, plantains and roasted beef. I just had a craving...

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  1. I'm quite sure that I saw a Nicaraguan restaurant on the north side of bloor, near Lansdown. Green sign, white writing. That was a month ago, haven't been yet.
    There are many south american restaurants on St. claire but I don't think that there are any Nicaraguan ones.

    1. Are you talking about Mi Linda Managua (872 Bloor Street West, one block east of Ossington, 416-516-5915)? I haven't been since December, but quite enjoyed my meal there. They serve HUGE plates of rice & beans, fried plantain, avocado, cabbage salad and a choice of meat (fish, pork, chicken or beef) for under $12. This isn't a fancy restaurant, it's like eating at someone's home, with mismatched chairs and a TV playing in the background. They aren't licenced, but do have a selection of Latin American pops (like Inca Cola) and juices. I am pretty sure that they had horchata, which is the sweet, cinnamony rice-based drink that I think you are describing (if not, they serve horchata at Tacos Al Asador, an excellent El Salvadorean restaurant at Bloor and Clinton). Buen Provecho!

      1. YES!! Mi Linda Managua is still open - I went there last week! The portions are generous, the food is fresh and the drinks are always tasty! And, it's cheap, too...Just be prepared to wait awhile for your food - up to an hour (I don't know why it takes so long to grill some pork and serve rice and beans...), but it's definitely worth it. Choose between grilled chicken, pork, pork ribs or beef or vegematarian (just the salads, rice and plantain)...mmmmmmm....grilled meat....