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Jul 13, 2004 10:24 AM

Best Pancakes

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Without a doubt are at a place called 'Flapjacks'.
it is a bit of a drive up northwest - just north of brampton in caledon. its a small barn-like restaurant with not much around it on the west side of hwy 10 (hurontario st), north of olde base line rd & south of charleston sideroad. i tell you they are the best ive ever had. huge huge pancakes....if you order the regular sized ones, dont order more than 2 or youll need help.

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  1. The toast and jam is to die for. They bake their own bread, the slices are super thick and their homemade strawberry jam is absolutely yummy. We used to drive up every Sunday and just have an order of toast and jam for $2. Then we would go for a drive along the Forks of the Credit road and stop off at either the Millcroft Inn or the Cataract Inn for afternoon tea.

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      right on!

      i love it up here.

      yes - flock to flapjacks