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Jul 13, 2004 09:18 AM

chez cora

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I like breakfast restaurants, and I've read good things about Cora's, so I decided to go to the one in Brampton for my birthday (closest to where I was). It was truly uninspiring. The service was very friendly and the menu looked like fun, but the food itself just ruined it. The presentation on the plate was bland, my partner's over-easy eggs were way too over-cooked, the roasted potatoes looked more boiled than roasted, the crepes were actually pancakes (8 dollars for 3 small ones!), the fruit cocktail had the texture of tomato paste, and we were charged 50 cents for every maple syrup plastic cup that we opened.

Well, for those who complain about the Toronto version of Eggspectation, try Cora, and you'll be thankful for eggspectation. I have a feeling they must have done a total Americanization of their breakfast items... how else would they be able to survive in Montreal serving pancakes pretending they were crepes? I'd rate the place equivalent to Golden Griddle.

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  1. The Cora's in Mississauga on Dixie gave me the same impression. I love breakfast places too... missing the diners and coffee shops of NYC.

    My partner and I stood in line to get in one two weekend mornings... and the food was quite disappointing. Those flat "crepes" were awful and there is only so much thrill you can get from halfway decent cut fruit salad.

    The Orchard Restaurant on Hurontario is a much better bet for breakfast... more of a chowhound place for sure. And it's open for breakfast all the time!

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      Likely too far in the other direction, but Tulip on Queen St E is one of the best diners in the city with great breakfasts.

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        Heard a lot about Tulip and want to try it some day :)

        Meanwhile, there are still good places in the town for solid / cheap / yummy breakfast. And I'm counting Eggspectations as one of them. I still like Mars a lot (although my partner complains about the mini-size and unfreshness of OJ, the rest of the things are good) and have tried Overeasy. Of all the places I have had the best breakfast was at a hotel in Stockholm, a bit too far for a weekly visit, unfortunately :)

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          Tulip is quite good. We have also really enjoyed the Canary Restaurant (for a good breakfast in a great dive) on Cherry?/Eastern Av. area. The New York Cafe at the corner of Broadview and Danforth has a great greasy breakfast including peameal as thick as porkchops...order with the greek potatoes instead of homefries for a real treat. Also, very good conistent is Zulpy's on King e. near Sherbourne. Only not open on Sunday but $5 for 2 eggs, peameal and coffee, I think Zulpy himself serves you the refills.

          1. re: JHammy

            The Canary is quite disgusting, actually. Dirty chairs, terrible home fries, shrivelled-up sausages. The location may be a novelty, but one wouldn't ever return for the food.

            Zoulpy's is not bad, if you don't mind the lack of table service (you go order and pay, and they bring the food) - their Spanish omelette is better than at other greasy spoons I've tried.

            1. re: B. Brennan

              I'm afraid I have to agree about Canary. I don't mind the decor, but the food does not measure up to many other greasy spoons in the city.
              A cute little place right on the sw corner of Adelaide and Princess, I think , in Zoulpy's neighbourhood, is the Crowbar.It's tiny but clean and serves good breakfasts.

    2. I'm from Montreal and I was never impressed with the food at Cora. It's really the marketing and word of mouth behind it that makes it seem like an exciting place. you may want to try Eggspectation (near Eaton Centre).

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        I would recommend not going to Eggspectation in the Eaton Centre. Our service was bad, breakfast was $40 for two people, and the food was cold and bland.

        Stay away.

      2. I would agree with the negative comments about Chez Cora. I was never a fan of the Montreal institution, and am less of a fan of the Toronto expansions. I don't think I have ever had a drier or more bland omelette in my life!

        A great place for brunch is Cafe la Gaffe on Baldwin. Truly one of my favourite brunches in the city, especially in the summer when the sunlight is dancing through the leaves of the huge trees outside. And after brunch, I can skip over to Kensington market and do my week's groceries.