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Jul 12, 2004 12:05 PM

Summerlicious Review - 1055

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Walked in to 1055 last night and was surprised at their Summerlicious Menu. Having got used to a choice of salmon or chicken in many places, 1055 really ups the ante. Mains are Duck, Ribs, Sole or Jerk Chicken. Portions were huge and the meat very tender. I thought the sauce on the Duck and Ribs was very similar, but each dish came with different vegetables (again unlike many restaurants who have the same veg on every plate) – and each was a selection of three or 4 different veggies.
The appetizers were even more tasty. Best was the smoked salmon with jicama on a rosti potato base. But the squid were also pretty good – and again a huge portion (the appetizer portions here were as large as some mains at other places). And the bread basket was also excellent, featuring several different breads, including chapati.
Service was rushed – presumably an attempt to increase turnover but, all in all, a bargain.

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    Strawberry Shortcake

    I also went to 1055 and was very pleased with the menu and the service (we were not rushed). We will definintely go back there again.

    I'm noticing that many of the restaurants aren't as imaginative as previous years or maybe my palate is getting more adventurous with age!

    1. Where is 1055? Never heard of it.

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        Google is your friend.

        1055 Yonge St.
        Toronto, ON M4W 2L2
        Phone: (416) 482-8485

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 is Chowhound :)