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Jul 10, 2004 09:43 PM

Asian Night Market Metro Square July 9-10

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Went to the Asian Night Market event at Metro Square. The crowds were huge, but the food samples were quite good. I had two different servings of stinky tofu, a traditional chinese street food. You rarely if ever see it being served in Canada becaudse the smell is so strong. First time I've had it and I must say that I enjoyed it.

I also tried Taiwanese rice and blood pudding on a stick. Chewy without a strong blood taste, probably because it was masked with a sweet sauce and dipped in peanuts and sesame seeds.

Other food I got to have was scallion pancakes, curry fishballs, grilled dried cuttlefish, something called tacoyuki (octopus balls) that were topped with a teriyaki sauce, mayonnaise, wasabi and shaved bonito flakes.

The sweet stuff we tried was a jelly with lemon honey water, and of course durian ice cream wrapped in a pizelle waffle.

I might smell really bad, but for that food, I'd do it all over in a heartbeat

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