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Jul 10, 2004 06:47 PM

brazillian BBQ, HELP

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In many cities of north america thier is brazillian bBQ. In there the waiters go around with meat/fish/chicken/whaterever on skewers for patrons to ask more of. The meat are usally simmply BBQ with a little salt.

In NYC on 47th street I beleive is a famous one where the salad bar can put a chower over the edge.

Well is there one ike this in Toronto.

In montreal, if it is still there, on bishop street there is one (where the old Annex was located) but with all various resturants in toronto, i have yet to find one here.

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  1. Unfortunately there are no churrascarias (Brazilian steak houses) here in Toronto.

    The last time I went to one was in Chicago, called Fogo de Chao. This restaurant is authentic Brazilian, with four reputable restaurants in Brazil and four more in the US. When I went to the one in Chicago, I found out that the waiters are all brought in from Brazil to work in their American restaurants; it was nice to find out that they all speak Brazilian Portuguese.

    If one day one opens here in Toronto, please let me know!



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      1. There is also one north of the city.

        Carnaval Brazilian Grill
        160 York Blvd.
        Richmond Hill, ON
        L4B 1J8

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          For some reason, I thought that there was one of these on Dundas Street, in Chinatown. It's located on the north side, east of Huron. Have never been; just thought that it was kind of incongruous next to the Vietnamese shops and northern Chinese restos.

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            Yes there is/was, it's called something like Unique Taste, on Dundas near Beverley. The wait staff was Chinese, they served the Brazilian BBQ in between offerings of fried rice, Sweet & Sour Chicken etc. It was OK, not great, but a strange mish mash of flavours. Last time I passed by, they were undergoing "renovations". Not sure if they will reopen with the same concept.

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              i loved this place. man the food there was So good. and it was well decorated too. not your typical chinese rest. the food and staff were great. it's unfortunate that it is closed. it seems like the entire building is closed/shut down

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            Would you know how much it is per person here, this looks like the one I went to in Montreal, can't remember the name, but it was fantastic! Been dying to find one here.
            Actually went to the website
            $28 - Sun-Thurs
            $39 - Fri-Sat (with entertainment)
            $15 - Mon-Fri (This would be a very good deal
            $20 - Sat-Sun

            Think I'll definitely go.

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