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Summerlicious Restaurant Who Extended

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Does anyone know of restaurants who have extended their summerlicious menus? I know that Jalapeno's is extending to July 24th, Verveine to the 17th, and Bouchon is extending until the end of the month.

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  1. Truffles has extended offering spaces on weekdays only during the summer. I went during Winterlicious and it is an outstanding restaurant. I'm going back for Summerlicious.

    1. Monsoon has also extended -- I have a reservation for the 17th.

      1. Also Foccacia on Hayden street. He's doing this for the entire summer.

        1. Caju extended until July 17th.

          1. I think Wildfire extended until the end of August

            1. I believe that the Corner House on Davenport extended until the 17th as well.

              1. Don't know the exact length of extension, but Centro is going into August with a different menu....don't exactly remember what it was - similar to the July one but I think they substituted pork for chicken in the mains.

                It's a little foggy b/c my initial reaction was *yawn*!

                I think Annona extended as well, but I think it was only until the 17th (sorry for the late post). The gazpacho was excellent. Not too overpowered with pepper or cucumber and a hint of heat to finish. The steak was perfectly cooked to order and probably larger than the advertised 6 oz. The chocolate parfait was sinfully decadent and rich. My dining companion was equally impressed with the asparagus salad, arctic char and fruit crumble. She did mention that initally the sherry/tomato vinaigrette seemed a little overpowering on its own, but was a great accent for the fish.

                Dinner without wine was just over $100. I don't understand how people complain about not having enough to eat; between the bread, amuse bouche, the three courses and drinks, there's more than enough to satisfy most appetites....and I do have a fairly large one at that!

                1. New Orleans Desire on Avenue rd. also extended

                  1. City Grill in the Eaton centre, 10 bucks for 3 course lunch