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Jul 9, 2004 01:07 PM

Summerlicious- BOHO (anyone been?)

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We're going for dinner tonight at BOHO in Roncesville..anyone been there before?

Shall I bring a fly swatter incase there is an outbreak of fruit flies there too?

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  1. I've eaten there, not at summerlicious though. It's gotten some bad reviews and a friend of mine that lives in the area has given up on it after several so so experiences. Having said that, it was very good when I went. I had the ostriche if I remember correctly. I would rate it as a good neighborhood place but not one that I would seek out if I wasn't in the west end.

    1. I went for dinner tonight at BOHO on Roncesvalles. Reservation at 7:00 PM for two.

      Upon arrival hostess took us to the back of the restaurant which was dark and unwelcoming. We asked for one of the two vacant tables at the front of the house, which was bright and more cheerful. We were informed by the hostess we could not have any of those two tables because they would be joined to accommodate a party of four. That was a big fat lie. After we were seated, the tables were not joined and were occupied by two distinct couples. Why lie to customers when it is so easy to spot the lie? Extremely unprofessional.

      Meal started with baguette and salted butter, followed by the mixed baby greens salad for appetizer. The citrus dressing was too acidic and the sun-dried cranberries did not add any flavour or interest to the salad.

      The main course consisted of a good size nicely grilled bison top sirloin steak, vegetables (unsalted bok-choi, green beans and baby carrots) and fries. The steak was very tasty and was the only good thing on the plate. The vegetables were bland and the fries were heavy and greasy. A small note: the Summerlicious menu advertised the fries as Yukon gold fries, which was untrue; the centre of the fries were white... anybody who has ever prepared Yukon gold fries knows that the colour should be the same from the skin to the centre.

      We had both dessert choices at the end of the meal. The chocolate banana bread with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce was very heavy and looked more like a dark chocolate brownie, but tasted more like banana bread. This dessert was not bad, but would be more appropriate for a Winterlicious menu. The tangy lemon tart with raspberry sorbet was the best choice, light and refreshing, a nice dessert for a summer evening. The lemon tart was good but not extraordinary; nonetheless, the best choice between the two options.

      Service was not rushed. Our waitress was very attentive and gracious, serving us always with a beautiful smile.

      Meal for two with tea, coffee, juice, tax and tip came to $62.

      I'd visited BOHO previously and this visit confirmed my opinion: BOHO is a good neighborhood restaurant, a nice place to go if you live in the west end, close to High Park. But it is not worth a special trip if you live far away.

      Happy Summerlicious!


      1. So, we had dinner at Boho on Friday night. Arrived around 6:30pm. Asked to be seated in the patio but told it was full and was sat in the window...even though we saw two other couples being sat on the patio after we were seated (the lies, the lies).

        Service- 7/10 The service was good...nice waiter who was very polite. However, I did notice that two other couples who were seated 15-20 minutes after us got their entrees first, which kinda miffed me.

        Food- 7/10 We both started with the salad, which was nice and tangy. My fiancee had the bison steak, which he raved to be the best steak he ever had. I had the fish, which was soggy and limp, not the best fish I've ever had. The portions were huge! The dessert was pretty good as well.

        Ambiance- 6/10 Okay, maybe it's just me, but I noticed they were playing the most annoying music...I think it was a French opera/musical. Plus the kitchen is out in the open so that makes it extra loud. And my clothes smelled like the cooking after we left.

        Overall- 6/10 I live in the West end so this place wasn't out of my way but I don't think I'd make a special point to go back again.