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Jul 8, 2004 02:35 PM

Pho Soups in Mississauga

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I live in Mississauga and I've seen so many pho soup restaurants close to where I live. I was wondering if anyone could tell me which one is good and recommend what to order?

TIA, Lisa

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  1. I like Pho Mi 99 in the new Shopper's Drug Mart plaza just east of Mavis / Burhamthorpe. Everything I've ordered has been good and fresh, one big bonus is that it's within walking distance so I find myself eating there often. Another place I like is pho Kim Phung, it's tucked away in the Chinese plaza on Central Parkway West / Burnhamthorpe. If you know where Executive Snooker Club is, it's the restaurant 1 door down.

    Prices are pretty standard ($4-$6 per dish) at pho shops. Start off with the standard rare beef pho, or even try the beef with tripe pho if you're open minded. Definately wallet friendly eating.

    There's a few 24 hour pho shops in the Dundas Hurontario area, I don't find them that great - but they're pretty convenient coming home from downtown late at night when everywhere else is closed.

    There's more than just pho though, try the chicken/pork chops on rice or vermicelli dishes, definately a good pick for your first time.

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      Pho Mi 99 is a chain and there is another rest on the coner of dixie and dundas (the same strip mall as the town and country buffet)

      and so far, trying both places, it is just as good. a VERY wide selection with all that I have tasted, a home cook taste (not water down)