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Jul 7, 2004 03:03 PM

Great Jerk Pork

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In the strip mall at north-west corner of Derry and Goreway drive.
(coupla blocks west of hwy427)

Tender, moist and spicy!

The patties are also better than the generic patties sold virtually everywhere else.


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  1. I skipped the jerk pork, being a sucker for jerk chicken. I ordered the 1/2 chicken meal, and was somewhat satiated by the result, but left wanting more.

    The decor: spartan, utilitarian, take-out only with plenty of stock on the service side of the wall, mostly soft drinks. Not much room to stand, as there was a bit of a lineup (a good sign!) when I went for lunch, around 1:00 pm. The two staff members seemed more resigned than excited to be serving up the goods.

    The food: I got the 1/2 jerk chicken with peas 'n rice with some oxtail sauce on the rice. A short drive back to the office and a picnic table on a warm, muggy day added 10 minutes to the 'transit' time of the food. Initial reaction was positive: juicy looking, nicely arranged chicken parts on a bed of rice. But the first bite signalled that something was amiss: as I find all too often, the bird was a tad overdone. Now, I realize that chicken is a hard thing to do well, made harder by being in a 'fast food' environment (that is, not prepared to order but waiting in a warmer 'til it's served up), but if it's not juicy, then don't serve it! Mind you it wasn't inedible, the taste was just fine (if a bit on the 'cool' side without any sign of a slowburn), and the dark meat was ok, but the white meat was cardboardian. I should add, "what there was of it". It was a bit of an anemic bird, and I felt that I paid a bit of a premium for the lunch ($10.15 with a cream soda... oh I miss Ting) and deserved a bit more fowl for the buck. It left me feeling that the bird-to-rice quotient was a tad weighted towards the rice, and I ended up tossing the carbs as I couldn't finish it all.

    So, all in all, not bad, works in a pinch, but I won't be hurrying back for the chicken. I would like to try the jerk pork sometime, though.

    It made me think wistfully back to my favourite jerk chicken meal ever: at Irie on College Street at Ossington. Sublime. It's what turned me on to the bird dish, and I went back again and again to have it, only to be met with dry or un-tasty or small... it would seem that they had a guest chef the day I first had it. Since closed, another Irie (unreleated to the college st. biz, AFAIK) on Queen W. at Palmerston serves up OK jerk, and I've never actually gotten to the St. Clair/ Eglinton strips to try 'the real thing'