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Sep 30, 2000 06:07 PM


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spokane is coming into its own. would like to start a discussion about places to eat here or in the area. I suggest Pho 5 star on e. sprague (1801) for a wonderful
large bowl of shrimp noodle soup at a good price.

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  1. If you'd like to travel to Post Falls, just East, there's a fabulous Mediterranean place, The White House, just off the freeway (take a left under the freeway and it's about 2 blocks further on the east side of the street). Good wine selection, salads are ok (skip the bread), but the main courses, esp. the lamb, well worth the trip (and talk with the chef!). Since I visit spokane often (dutiful family visits), this is the only place I enjoy going since there's a lack of quality (and an abundance of Applebee's)...if you know of anything new I'd like to know.

    It's a very small place, so be prepared to wait. Haven't tried the desserts yet, but no Tiramisu!

    1. I was supposed to go to Spokane last fall, and found mention of a vegetarian spot that I was anxious to try: Mizuna Restaurant and Wine Bar (214 N Howard). Never made it, but I'm really curious to hear a report.

      Also, the Milk Bottle place (802 W Garland) sounds fun, if nothing else.


      1. I travel to Spokane every now and then on business. And to be honest I've had some of the truly most godawful food ever in that town. That said, there are some bright spots. Since I enjoy wine, Nikos Wine Bar downtown is a pleasure. Good by the glass selection and a great wine stewardess. The food isn't gonna knock your socks off, but it is fine for a regular night out.

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          i travel to spokane every few months and yes spokane used to be hell on foodies but its getting better. luna on the south hill is very good and dependable. also klinks on williams lake in cheney is excellent. dicks burgers are always fun, and there was a really good morrocan place a few years ago but i think its out of business

        2. I frequent Spokane on business/family trips. Each time I have enjoyed a meal at the Italian Kitchen downtown immensely. Their Seafood pasta dish is fresh, spicy and delicious with clams, mussels, shrimp, etc. THey make an incredible lasagne if you're really into rich, and their specials are delightful too. Add a nice wine list, friendly wait staff, and it makes for some pleasant dining!

          1. I loved Pho as well, here are my top 2 for Spokane.

            Wild Sage American Bistro! OOOOOOOOO I made a meal out of the popovers ALONE, a chef specialty among other things. This is a fairly new eatery, a bit on the expensive side but well worth it! It is basically high end "organic", but not so much so that carnivores would be offended. There is something for everyone here. It was quite memorable for me.

            For breakfast I loved Frank's Diner, it is a restored dining car and has quite an interesting history. The servers are clearly career waiters/waitresses and the breakfast menu is huge and they serve breakfast all day long. I had thier oatmeal and an omlette. They have a special brand of oatmeal that they use and the single omlettes could feed 3 people. Weekends will be a long wait to get in but if you go during the week it should not be a problem. Worth it just to see the inside!


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              I actually disagree with the Wild Sage recommendation...I had burnt and poorly seasoned Fried Green Toms, bad Fried Calamari, and a NY strip that looked like the meat in steak and eggs from a bad diner. And the jus that accompanied it tasted like A1 and a little beef broth, yuk. I do however like thte atmosphere and would only go there for a drink, after dinner somewhere else, and on my way home.