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Jul 7, 2004 01:32 PM

Summerlicious – Jalapeno

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The service was excellent and the food was very good.

We started off with the Mexican Canapes and the Cuernavaca Salad as our appetizers. The salad was outstanding, it had the perfect balance of fresh mango & strawberries to give it a very refreshing taste.

For our entrees we had the Cochinita Pibil (the shredded pork was flavourful and very juicy and the fried beans were really good) and the Gringa tacos (Al Pastor meat in chipotle with pineapple and guacamole-yummy!).

The desserts were clearly the winners, the Banana al Tequila was so good, I wanted a second helping and the Cajeta Caramel Milk Crepe with Ice Cream was absolutely decadent. They make a mean mango margarita as well. This place is definitely worth checking out during summerlicious.

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  1. Looking at their online menu, the summerlicious menu seems to be a great value. Even if you get smaller portions, I like to be able to have appetizer, main, and dessert without being way too full.

    In contrast, Southern Accent's Winterlicious menu is regularly available as a prix fixe for only $25 (vs. $20). I'd never been there and I liked it so I would go back, especially now that I know they have a prix fixe which is still more than enough food and includes their delicious pecan pie (best I've ever had). Pony Bistro, we went Monday and they have the same menu normally available for $22.95 Monday-Thursday. The meal was fine and it is good value either way. Calamari was perfectly cooked. Stink wafting up from the basement, not so good.

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      The portions are regular size and yes, it's a great value for the summerlicious price.

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        Thanks for that info. I see they are not taking reservations for Summerlicious. Was it very busy when you went and what night was that? We're pretty busy and I don't want to plan an evening around it if it's not going to work out...

        1. re: julesrules

          We went Tuesday night and the place was completely booked, including the patio outside. Good luck!

          1. re: Fickle

            We went during Winterlicious and as I remember, the food portions were huge! Service was not that great though. I would be willing to try it again.

    2. We did dinner there last night, and were not as enthusiastic about our meal as many others here.

      Started with chips and three salsas (habenero/cilantro/traditional diced salsa). The three salsas were very good, but the chips suffered from the humidity of the day, and were sort of stale/almost moist.

      For apps, we also chose the salad and the canapes. Found the canapes (fried, and sprinkled with queso blanco and a cilantro sauce) were all relatively bland, and interchangeable. The salad, to our taste buds, was fine, if uninspired.

      The main courses were much better - ordered the mole poblano and the cochinita pibil. Mole was extremely flavourful - very strong coffee overtones, as well as chocolate and cinammon. The chicken itself was pretty dry, but the mole was so interesting it could be forgiven.

      The pibil was citrus-y, and extremely delicious... our favourite part of the meal. The hand made corn tortillas were also a highlight.

      We did the bananas w/ tequila, and the fried ice cream for dessert. Fried ice cream was coated in an oatmeal mixture, hard frozen, and dipped in honey / chocolate. Both desserts were good, although I'm not sure either of us were floored.

      For drinks, we tried a strawberry margarita, a mango margarita, and a couple traditional (rocks, salt) margaritas. My girlfriend pondered on why we weren't so crazy about them... and wondered (maybe correctly?) whether the stringent Canadian alcohol regulations (single drinks must be 1 1/2 oz) prevent the creation of a proper margarita here. A good margarita, IMHO, depends on the proper balance of tequila, cointreau, and lime juice - each needs the other. I found these margaritas to be overly tart, without the "kick" found in a well-made marg.

      Overall, the experience wasn't horrible, but merely serviceable. I'll be on the hunt for better Mexican in Toronto.