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Jul 5, 2004 05:35 PM

Arahova brand Tzatziki sauce?

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Being an x montreal and tasted REAL Tzatziki sauce (most that i have tasted in Toronto is lacking in Garlic and most other flavouring)

I was wondering does anyone know where to get Arahova brand Tzatziki sauce...

for those who are not lucky enough to taste this,,, this is the 'real' stuff, no toned down version that you find in most resturnats/pre-packaged stuff you get here in toronto

thanks in advance

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  1. I've been on the hunt for this myself - for the past 5 years! We used to get it at Kettleman's bagels when I lived in Ottawa. It might be worth calling Kettleman's on the Danforth to see if they have it.

    1. Bob are you lucky I saw your post. I'm from Montreal, and the GTA Greek restaurants do not have a clue how to make tzatziki sauce - it's always either too watered down or not garlicy or sweet enough. If you want the BEST tzatziki in Toronto, even better than most places in Montreal - is at the Pickle Barrel - any location. Either order the "chicken kabob plate" (comes with amazing greek salad and the best Tzatziki you've ever had) - OR just go the take-out counter and ask for a medium container to go and skewer your own chicken at home. By far, the best greek plate in Toronto is at this Jewish family/deli restaurant. If you like Montreal Greek food, avoid all Greek restaurants in Toronto !!! (You really have to know where to go to eat in Toronto if you're from Montreal). Enjoy.

      1. I don't get it.Ive had Arahova brand tzatziki sauce and its nothing special best tzatziki ive ever tasted is the one i make at home,its fresh and I can add as much garlic,lemon,olive oil as I want,I also experiment with different herbs like dill and mint

        Try making your own at home you'll be surprised,and its very easy to make.

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          I agree. Just don't let the helpful staff at your local supermarket steer you to the dairy section when you ask for the whereabouts of the cheesecloth.