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Jul 5, 2004 11:37 AM

Need a hip AND chowhound-worthy restaurant for a bachelorette dinner

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After my search for a hip restaurant that actually serves amazing food proved fruitless I thought that I had better ask the chowhounds for help! Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Are you looking to go out afterwards? 7 numbers isn't really near anything else but it has atmosphere and good food. 5 Doors North could perhaps qualify. On the Danforth there is Embrujo Flamenco. The seafood tapas are pretty good, wasn't so impressed with the paella. Sangria good. Waiters, very fine and will probably treat a bachlerette group well ;) Of course, some interest in the Flamenco performance would help...

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      We had a bachelorette dinner at BAR ONE on Queen and Shaw 2 years ago. They have a great patio or high table/bar that holds 8 or 10 people which is fun to sit at. Their house wine is reasonably priced enough by the litre to get giggly and their antipasto plate was good. It is also only a skip up to College st at Shaw where for some reason bachelorette parties like to go to EL CONVENTO RICO (which I hate, but if you want a drunken drag show for a party that is the place to go!) There are also lots of other fun places to hang out around there.

    2. Did an excellent bachelorette dinner at Li'ly, on College near Grace St. It's funky and hip enough to get dressed for and the food is tapas-y and good. The cocktails are also a good thing, though -- drank lots of lichee and raspberry mimosas, which were excellent and so pretty (important for a hen night.)


      1. I recently went to a bachelorette dinner at 606. It's got a patio and indoor seating. Decent variety on the menu and reasonable prices. It's nice and close to the bar district, so even if you don't want to hang out there afterwards, you can walk down to the bars.

        A friend of mine went to Left Bank for a bridal shower dinner & she said that was good too. I've been there and had a good time, but I've never eaten there.

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          dionysus & maenad

          Seven Numbers
          After dinner... Younge & Eglinton, plenty clubs to hang out.