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Sep 22, 2000 08:24 PM

Seattle Now Spots

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East-Coaster wondering what are the newer (last few months, this year) places worth checking out. Upscale, downscale, breakfast, lunch, ethnic, whatever.

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  1. Sebastian,

    Some of Seattle's best food spots never fall out of fashion (trend). Here are some proven food destinations:

    1. Nell's at Greenlake. European style food, great appitizers, entrees and a fabulous cheese tray for after. Very much like dining in Paris.

    2. Kaspers. Located at the bottom of Queen Anne Hill, much like the above. Subtle preparations served by a staff who has worked there for more than a week..unlike most Belltown spots. Consistent.

    3. Adriatica. Located on Dexter. A great date spot. Daring enough to serve steak tartar. Great ambiance.

    There are several new places opening in Ballard this month.

    You can't go wrong with these three though. Good eating!

    1. l
      Lauren Edlund

      The Dahlia Lounge at their new location is wonderful. Really fresh, local food and a warm and inviting atmosphere. I would not recommend Marche, a fairly new tapas restaurant on First. The food was OK but the atmosphere was horrible.

      1. Belltown area is a good place to start. Recommended is Brasa, definately NOT is Fandango. We just had dinner there (four people) and the food was "ok"....not worth the hype.

        1. A new restaurant creating a lot of buzz in Belltown is Zoe. Chef/owner Scott Staples is formerly of The Third Floor Fish Cafe in Kirkland. The food is upscale bistro with great seafood dotting the menu (not surprising considering Staple's former life at the Third Floor).

          Another one worth checking out I've heard is Mistral. Anyone have any thoughts on Mistral? What did you think?

          Not new, but very reliable are Kaspar's on Queen Anne, Palisade, Rover's in Madison Park (as well as the nearby vegetarian restaurant Cafe Flora). A fun restaurant is El Camino in Fremont (great Latin/Mexican food and wonderful cocktails) and the true Seattle experience should include any/all of Tom Douglas' restaurants (Dahlia Lounge, Etta's Seafood, Palace Kitchen).