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Jul 4, 2004 09:36 PM

Baro Gun Pang Bakery (Jim Leff Chowhound)

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I had to try this Korean bakery (6118 Yonge St) after reading it in the recent Star article. It is just like how Jim described the goods. The deep fried buns were good, substantive and not oily. We liked the chicken curry ones. The multigrain "donuts" are very good and difficult to describe. Some liked the hot dog on a stick - like a pogo stick but better. The best were the deep fried red bean pastry and the baked pastries with red bean or one with a green coloured paste. Enjoy!

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  1. So glad to get your confirmation! Please try more of their stuff; there's treasure there I didn't get to (was only in town 3 days!)


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Well i can vouch for some of their other stuff as well.

      examples include a wallnut/pecan bread (sort of) that is light. There is a bagette (angain sort of) mixed with nuts, and a lemon cookie that you can die for.

      In fact of all the things i have tried, thier version of a pizza was the least likable thing i found, and i still would eat that as well.

    2. Try their "red bean slush" ($5) for an interesting treat.

      They give you a huge container with mostly crushed ice. On top is a mixture of fruits, red bean!, cocoa powder?, and lots and lots of other stuff. You're suppose to mix it all up with the ice for one cool dessert.

      Parking is tight with 8 or so spots right in front of the store. There's more parking in the adjacent plazas though.

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        Park across the street and grab those incredible persian saffron cookies! Then take life in hands dashing across the highway. Works for me.

        Hey, we're getting close to 10,000 postings on this (very new) message board! That was fast! (see URL to watch the count)


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          Actually on the red bean slush, the 'powder' is not cocoa but roasted soya bean powder used a lot in Japanese cuisine as well.

          I better go try out the bakery soon too! Sounds great! I had the red bean slush at the big Galleria supermarket further north but it wasn't really that great. The one I had in Korean town (Bloor / Christie) was much more authentic. I can't wait to try it at Baro Gun Pang!

          1. re: Pum

            There's of course bubble tea (Taiwanese). I believe mongolian cuisine has a similar type as the Korean one. And Filipino's have halo halo...more of a drink. I prefer the halo halo as a cool summertime treat.

        2. The place is very clean, staff friendly, everything very appetizing. From what I understood, I would have had to wait for the beef and/or chicken curry buns to be fried. I was in a hurry, so I bought a raisin pond cake: absolutely delicious, ozzing butter. I'll go back for more.