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Jul 4, 2004 04:33 PM

Lemongrass Thai/Vietnamese Restaurant

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1630 Bayview Ave.
I am looking for an opinion. Thanks

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  1. Was only there once for an early dinner. And my experience was kind of...well...blah. It was just on the side of being "ok". Actually, I don't even remember what I ate, it was that unspectacular.

    Hopefully, someone will contradict me, lemongrass has been there for some time, I can't imagine an unimpressive restaurant would last that long.

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      peppermint pate

      With a couple of exceptions, I'd have to agree. I've been there a few times and also to their sister restaurant "Riz" across the street. Their crab dish is messy and excellent and their house rice (3 varieties) is also very tasty. Beyond those things, I have found every other dish to be very bland and very mediocre. Cool decor but nothing inspired in my view.

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        Agree about the Drunken Crab. Pieces of crab (in shell) smothered in roasted garlic, lemon, butter and white wine. Amazing, and worth a trip.

    2. According to a review in Toronto Life 2003, the service is efficient; food is Pan-Asian but far from satisfactory. The Dungeness crabs seem to be suffering from an excess of sauce. $95 for two, they say (with wine, taxes and tip)-

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        I was surprised the last time we went - the service was ... dare I say it... friendly! We even ended up asking the waiter if they had changed owners!

        The food was excellent and we had a great time - but this was our 9th visit (since we live locally, it's a better choice)...

        Try it... best when it's not too busy! Shrimp lemon veggie soup is nice...