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Jul 2, 2004 04:11 PM

NY Hound Seeks Summerlicious Lunch Recs

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Hi all. I'm a Canadian back in Canada for the summer, and am planning on spending a few mid-week days in Toronto next week.

I've booked at Jalepeno for dinner one night, but I'm interested in hearing other people's recommendations for lunch spots. Anyone have any great Summer/Winterlicious lunch experiences at any particular restaurants?

I'm not necessarily looking for just great restaurants, but restaurants that provide a great Summerlicious experience. Type of restaurant is unimportant, but if it could be an experience not offerred in NY, that'd be a plus.

(There's a similar tradition in NYC, "Restaurant Week", into which many "great" restaurants put a pretty half-hearted effort. By this I mean only offerring cheap, uninteresting menu choices, etc)


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  1. Just had Summerlicious dinner at Rosewater last night-they changed the menu last-minute without warning, and my sea bass portion size was so small we both laughed after the waiter left.

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      Strawberry Shortcake

      Went to 1055 last night. Food was excellent, the flavours were awesome and the presentation was amazing. Service was also excellent, servers very knowledgable and helpful.
      Had the smoked salmon (which they smoke themselves) and the Jerk chicken. Husband had calamari (so good!!) and the duck.

      First visit to 1055 and will definately go again.

      1. I went to 2 places for Summerlicious on Friday and was happy with both. I went to Biagio's for lunch. They have such a gorgeous backyard patio which reminds me of Italy. There I had the soup of the day-a light asparagus puree and then veal scalippine with mushrooms. It was fantastic and very tender. Skipped dessert.
        That night I went to Mistura (Av & Dav area) which was also good. I was impressed with the portions which were still very decent considering Summerlicious. I started with gnocchi in rib ragu (it was great although I prefer my gnocchi less soft) I followed it with the red snapper which was nicely cooked. What was the ultimate was the molten chocolate torte. YUM!