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Jul 1, 2004 11:07 AM

Need waterfront patio recommendations

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I need some good waterfront patio recommendations. The quality of the food is very important to me. If the place has a nice patio and great food, even if its on the pricey side, I would go for it. I have also heard that there are some great restos on the waterfront that a lot of people don't know about. Any chowhound recommendations for me?

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  1. which waterfront? snug harbour in mississauga does a lovely fish assortment, right on the water! but i am assuming this isnt what you meant.

    1. This is not on the waterfront per se but close by. Aquadisiac (sp?) on Queens Quay near Spadina-across from the Radisson hotel. Nice patio and upscale food. I have dined there many times. It can be a hit or miss:things I loved there-buffalo mozzerrella & tomatoes, spice grilled shrimp, beef tenderloin, goat cheese pizza with sausage. Things I didn't like: fish dishes and the duck. Creme Brulee is nice, lighter than most places.

      1. I remember reading about the Waterfront Bistro, I think Queens Quay and - Sherbourne? - behind the tennis club, but have not tried it. I think the review was great patio with a view of the lake, but only OK food. Anyone been there who can comment?

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          I've never been myself, but would like to check it out. According to that '50 best patios' thing they had in Now:

          Waterside Bistro
          255 Queen's Quay E at Sherbourne

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            The patio at Waterfront cafe is wonderful. Very peaceful and right at the water. The inside room is also cozy and welcoming. The food I've had is fine, but not the drawing card.
            We ususally go for a drink and to relax.