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Jun 29, 2004 09:30 PM

Sultan's Tent

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I just read a review on (it was an older review) because I wanted to go with a group of friends for good food and a fun time.

Have you been here recently? If yes, would you recommend this restaurant? The price fixe menu and the belly dancing sound interesting.

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  1. It's definitely a great place for a group to meet. The prix fixe menu is quite varied -- and allows for upgrades -- and the meal itself is large, so be warned.

    Food aside, the reason it's great for a group of friends is because the restaurant is literally divided into small rooms by fabric "tents". If the group is large enough, they can reserve an entire tent to themselves. Seating is on low, velvet-covered benches, and the tables are quite small.

    The belly-dancing part was, I thought, kind of weird. It was nearly impossible to surpress giggles and they would probably be better hidden in a group. Not that the dancing wasn't good -- I'm no expert, but it seemed all right to me.

    Definitely a place for gathering.

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      Totally agree.
      The food is pretty good too and fairly priced. And the servers are very knowledgeable about the menu so you won't go wrong with unfamiliar dishes.

      1. re: mighty_one

        Can I ask what you mean when you say the belly dancing was 'weird' and you couldn't supress giggles?

        1. re: Maureen

          Sure. Weird was probably the wrong word. It is a relatively sexual dance, which - if you're on a date or dining with business associates - might seem a bit strange as one tucks into one's salads.

          That's why I said it would be a fun place for a relaxed group of pals.

          As for the giggles, they probably resulted from the quite-good bottles of wine that had been consumed.

        2. re: mighty_one
          Terry Keleher

          What was the food like???

        3. ... from couple months back.




          1. I've been a few times, for lunch and dinner (set). I and everyone who went with me found the food to be generally good but a little on the bland side.
            Most recently went a few weeks ago on a Friday night. I had the lamb shank (bland) and my wife had the salmon (dry and a little bland).

            If you go, don't miss the belly dancer and it would definitely be better in a group. She will ask if anyone wants to try and she does give some pointers - hilarity usually ensues with larger groups.