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Jun 29, 2004 04:50 PM

cabbage rolls

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Does anyone has any recommendation on where I could get quality cabbage rolls en mass?

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  1. Define en masse?

    You can place an order at the deli in St. Lawrence Market (downstairs in the south pavillion) - cannot remember its name for a largish order.

    Also, eastern european delis in Roncesvalles -Bloor- Royal York are (there is a dozen of them) will all make you a large quantity to order. If they make it to order, the quality is usually very high.

    1. Bumping this old thread because I need to bring a few dozen cabbage rolls to a party next weekend. Any (newer) recommendations, preferably in the core or east end?

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        I think the place downstairs at the St L. Market is called Bellas and it is still very very good.

        Pickle barrel used to have good cabbage rolls, but it has been years for me...not sure they still do.

        1. re: bestandworst

          Thanks, SLM is close enough so will have to stop by this week and try them out/place an order.

      2. It's not in your preferred area, but Astra Deli in Bloor West has great ones.

          1. I know I sound like an advertisement for them but Pusateri's carries some quality take-out items like cabbage rolls. I'm part Ukranian and these come very close to the real thing as far as I'm concerned. The only trouble they require is to open your wallet, but I don't find them that pricy.