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Jun 29, 2004 10:39 AM

looking for pierogies and goulash

  • j

Any recommendations for great pierogies or goulash in TO? Not necessarily in the same place. Thanks!

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  1. a
    Avocado Queen

    Perogies: Grange Foodcourt (don't gasp!) awesome perogies with caramlized onion. I forgot the name. I think it's called magic kithen of something something.
    anybody know what i am talking about?

    1. Someone mentioned Polonez just recently.
      It is on Roncesvalles.
      We have been going there forever for a "peirogi fix".
      The rest of the menu is predictable, and O.K. but...
      They also do a stuffed popato dumpling that lays in your stomach like a rock, but is delicious.

      1. The Coffee Mill in Yorkville - for goulash

        1. Thanks for all the recommendations, I will definitely check them out. I have tried the coffee mill's goulash. It's good, but more of a soup. I'm really hoping to find a nice thick goulash with dumplings somewhere... any thoughts chowhounds?

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            Goulash suppose to be a soup. A thick soup though. And it should have little dumplings in it. Coffee Mill is great and I had excellent goulash at Cosmo es well.

          2. The original comment has been removed