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looking for pierogies and goulash

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Any recommendations for great pierogies or goulash in TO? Not necessarily in the same place. Thanks!

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  1. a
    Avocado Queen

    Perogies: Grange Foodcourt (don't gasp!) awesome perogies with caramlized onion. I forgot the name. I think it's called magic kithen of something something.
    anybody know what i am talking about?

    1. Someone mentioned Polonez just recently.
      It is on Roncesvalles.
      We have been going there forever for a "peirogi fix".
      The rest of the menu is predictable, and O.K. but...
      They also do a stuffed popato dumpling that lays in your stomach like a rock, but is delicious.

      1. The Coffee Mill in Yorkville - for goulash

        1. Thanks for all the recommendations, I will definitely check them out. I have tried the coffee mill's goulash. It's good, but more of a soup. I'm really hoping to find a nice thick goulash with dumplings somewhere... any thoughts chowhounds?

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            Goulash suppose to be a soup. A thick soup though. And it should have little dumplings in it. Coffee Mill is great and I had excellent goulash at Cosmo es well.

          2. I love European Delight at St Lawrence Market.
            Also second Polonez.

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              ED is also my favourite Eastern European spot in that neck of the woods, and probably the gem of the market. Their cabbage roll is better than Polonez and Chopin as well.

            2. The Goulash House in Newmarket needless to say makes a good bowl. I prefer the Potato paprikash though


              1. I always go to Cafe Polonez, it's good and home made, their goulash pork is always dry though, they need to stop using loin and start using pork shoulder

                1. Wow, how funny to see my post from 2004 crop up (I was just plain ol' "Jo" on the old CH site...geez I've been using this site a long time).

                  So 9 years on, I will say that I love the perogies from Cafe Polonez and Chopin. And the Hungarian crepe and pork goulash from Cafe Polonez if one of my favourite comfort foods.

                  I will also add, however, that I have since learned that the thick meaty beef stew that I love so much is actually porkolt, not goulash (which yes, is a soup).

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                    Thanks for bringing back this thread! My absolute favourite was The Prague on Queen and I'm still in mourning. Got to get out to Roncy for my fix once it gets colder out.