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Jun 28, 2004 10:18 AM

searching for the best milkshakes in Toronto

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I'm looking for the best milkshake in Toronto.

Can anyone help me with recomendations and location...?

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  1. You could do worse than Lick's, who use real ice cream and full fat milk. (My god. Arteries hardening as I type!) Attached their web site with locations.


    1. I have had many a shake in T.O. Some of the best have been in diner-type establishments. But I would have to say that the best I have had thus far, is from the Garage Sandwich Company on the East Side of Church, just North of Wellesley.

      I think what makes them so good is that they use Greg's Ice Cream. Actually, talking about that, you could even try Greg's Ice Cream Store at Spadina & Bloor (SW corner in the JCC). I don't know if they make shakes, but worth checking out.

      Also, I have always enjoyed the shakes at Lakeview lunch.

      If you find any new places be sure to post them.

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      1. re: Lazar

        Totally agree - Garage is so great. Just tried the Greg's roasted marshmallow ice cream on the weekend - so so good!

      2. I've always liked the milkshakes from Flo's Diner in Yorkville, they have malteds there too. But haven't had a shake from Flo's in a while now...

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        1. re: C.Au

          I had a milkshake at Flo's a couple of weeks ago. Very creamy & delicious. And pretty good diner fare too.

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          Avocado Queen

          totally second the suggestion of Lick's. AWesome strawberry milk shake. Yes they do have milkshake at greg's. but i think it's not mindblowing.

          my all time favorite?
          ====>> ICE CREAM TRUCK!

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            I like the oddball variety of shakes you can order at both Lick's and Greg's. A ginger shake at Greg's was the closest I've come in these parts to an old Detroit-area standby, the Boston Cooler (vanilla and Vernor's). Thinking about trying green tea shake sometime...

            Lick's recommendation - go to the Yonge-Eg location when the staff's having a quiet night - twice, I've been given recommendations that turned out great (like mango yogurt and Sprite).

          2. For a malty, chocolate milkshake, check out the Double D on Queen at Broadview. It is awesome.