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Jun 27, 2004 12:56 PM

Le Select

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Again, rave review in TO Life 2003.
Le Select, 328 Queen St. West
What is it like (if still in business)?

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  1. Reliable French bistro. Can be crowded and noisy, but that's part of the fun vibe.

    Basically excels at grilled meat and frites.

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    1. re: Richard

      I really like Le Select. We were there last week. The service was great and so was the food. We had a very simple meal -- I had the onion tart to start and steak and frites. My S.O. had pate with cornichons and the lamb. All dishes were excellent. The wine list was extensive. All in all, an excellent meal in very pleasant surroundings. Much better value than at Rain (where we ate the night before). It's the kind of place you sit back and go "aaaaaaaah" before you enjoy a nice, straightforward French bistro meal.

      1. re: errant

        we were there a week ago for the first time. it is exactly what we expected based on reviews and what others have told us. Very comfortable atmosphere, good food, reasonable prices, neat bread baskets although you have toa sk for the bread (freshly baked I think). Prix fixe is around $29.

    2. Very reliable. In summer, a good patio and in winter, a warm room in which to while away an evening. A fine date place. The wine list extensive and excellent, and everyone is charmed by the bread baskets that hang from the ceiling.

      I'm living abroad right now, and Le Select is one of the restaurants I miss. I was in Paris not long ago and in a restaurant, I said to my companion, "Hey, doesn't this place remind you of Le Select Bistro on Queen?"