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Jun 27, 2004 12:53 PM

Fat Cat

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Fat Cat, 376 Eglinton Ave. W.
Any opinioon or comment?

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  1. This was over a year ago so I don't have specifics but I thought the food and drinks were very good. Some friends felt it was quite pricey but I thought it was worth it. Plus the service was very good. I would definitely recommend you try it out.

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      Avocado Queen

      Yes, excellent service, but food was hohum. menu is small, but focused. good collection of wine. definetely ask your server for wine recommendation. very knowledgeable staff. bf's lamb was dry and skimpy, but the side mash was good. I liked my salad, but again, it's only passable consider the price.
      definetely stay for dessert though. try the creme brule. if you are in the neighbourhood, i would recommend 7 Number instead.

      1. IMO the best restaurant in the area - but prices are higher than most others in the neighbourhood ($150 for two with wine). Excellent food all freshly prepared and the service is way better than the Toronto standard.
        Small menu but several daily specials and the wine list is more interesting than most.
        Reservations essential.

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          dionysus & maenad

          we shall try...