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Jun 27, 2004 12:49 PM


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Boujadi (999 Eglinton E.) got rave reviews in the Toronto Life 2003 Issue.
Has anyone been there? Any comments?

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  1. My wife and I were there a week ago for the first time and it's now become our favourite north-african restaurant in Toronto!
    We ordered the combo plate for two ("marhaba") which included olive lemon chicken, merghez, couscous, kafta, cigar and triangle.
    The food was really amazing with each ingredient bringing its own set of flavours. The amount of couscous was just right and did not overpower the meat/vegetable/sauces, as is so often the case in north-african restaurants of lesser quality.
    We finished the evening with a hot mint tea (containing fresh mint leaves) and vowed to return...

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      the problem is they dont take reservations do they? i would hate to take a friday night with family and waste it waiting in a line. what is it like on the weekends do you have to wait foreveR?

      1. re: juli

        Right, they do not take reservations. However, I've now been there 4-5 times including on weekends and never really had to wait for more than 10 minutes.
        Since the place is rather small, I could see it being an issue for groups of 6+ people though.

        1. re: Cyril

          There is a link on their website for reservations.
          They take them any day except Saturdays. They aren't open on Monday and Tuesday.


    2. I was there last month and had a fabulous dinner with my friends. We were really impressed. We shared the Kimya appetizer: combination plate with cigar, triangle, kafta, merguez, Eggplant dip and the Matboukha red peppers. For our entrees we had the Meatball Olive Tajine (really outstanding) and the Royal Couscous (both the chicken and lamb tajines). Service was great, food was great and we'll definitely be going back!

      1. I used to go there a couple times a year but haven't been to in the last couple of years, mainly because it's not an area I usually find myself in. Good restaurant though (reason why I kept going back), a bit cramped but it adds to the homey atmosphere. Very friendly owners and service.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I am surprised that nobody has mentioned the Harrira - you must start with the soup. Add a squeeze of lemon (provided on the side) and its heaven in a bowl, especially in the winter. They also have the soup to take out by the litre bottle.