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Jun 25, 2004 04:02 PM

La Vecchia and Green Papaya

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A couple of weeks ago, I felt like having soft shell crabs for lunch. So I went to the Green Papaya restaurant (2401 Yonge, Nth of Eglinton). Before stepping in, I did not even think of checking the menu affixed at the front door. I was so sure that this seafood spot would have crabs (with or without shells). The fact is that there were none. Though I apologized profusely, I was nearly kicked out of the place for leaving without ordering.
I went next door, to La Vecchia. And what a nice and friendly place that is! I had their seafood risotto (cooked to perfection)and a bottle of Heineken. The meal comes with lots of fresh crusty bread and a small dish of olives. $ 20, taxes and tip included.

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  1. I haven't had the best luck with Green Papaya in the service department - the food didn't used to be too bad, but the last time I was there staff was extremely surly (a friend was brought the wrong dish and the waiter just about jumped on him for suggesting a mistake might have been made).

    On the other hand, you made a good second choice - also agree about the seafood risotto.

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      An Update on Green Papaya- Good service but definately not surly. Perhaps a change over in staff since the last 2 reviews. Absolutely delish thai food. Very high quality for the price, especially the generous lunch specials. Nice chicken won ton soup with flavourful broth. Also, fab patio in the summer.

      1. re: food face

        Warning: The opinion expressed by lamaranthe on LaVecchia is from 2004 when it did turn out some good food. Now it's on my Avoid List.

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            I used to enjoy them back then too. Had many good times and good meals with my friends. In fact I used to rave about it. Now it's amongst the worst places to dine or brunch. I don't know what happened, but honestly I'll never give them my money ever again. I can explain further if you wish.

            1. re: Googs

              go on! go on!

              i went there a few weeks ago and it was an ok experience. they brought me the wrong dish but fixed it within a few minutes. they forced the table next to me to move to a table at the back of the restaurant. overall the whole meal had a very rushed feeling.

              i would go back though. i enjoyed my meal but it's not the bestn italian ever. it's on equal footing (maybe slightly above) Grazie in my book... if that counts for anything!


              1. re: wontonfm

                With Zucca, Grazie, and Grano all within easy walking distance there's no reason to subject yourself to La Vecchia.

                Getting orders wrong is common there. Last time my gf's and I were there for brunch they got 2 out of our 3 orders wrong. They keep the place far too cold for patrons in the winter. Nice for the people that work there. Not so much for you unless you enjoy dining in your parka. Inexcusable! Plus:

          2. re: Googs

            Time flies... and things evolve, not always for the better, unfortunately. The place seems to be still very busy but after what I read here I think I'll go somewhere else. Y&E has good resources, would it only be Rose and Crown (hi hi hi!)

          3. re: food face

            FF, I'll disagree with you on the Green Papaya patio point, but agree on the rest. We go regularly, once a month or so. The food is consistent, delicious and relatively inexpensive. If i lived within the delivery boundary, i would order it in.