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Jun 24, 2004 05:43 PM

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This is one of those corner patio restaurants in Little Italy. We went there for lunch last weekend. I'd give it a generous 2/5.

The owner convinced us to visit by claiming the best Italian food in toronto or our money back. Of course, we didn't expect the best - good would have been fine.

Service: Very poor. Our food took over an hour and came cold - no apologies just some shots of sambuca.

Starters: Minestrone Soup and Bean soup - Good
Green salad - iceberg lettuce, lots of vinegar
Caprese Salad - Little Balsemic vinegar, only one tomato, half of it was the same green salad as above

Mains: Steak Sandwich - steak? hardly! Cold
Veal Sandwich - No cheese, cold
Vegetable Pizza - bland but okay
Artichoke and Olive Pizza - very good.

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  1. So, did you get your money back?

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    1. re: Jacquilynne

      If I was paying, I would have mentioned his guarantee. The people who were paying didn't want to make a bad situation worse with a confrontation.