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Jun 23, 2004 02:58 PM

Late-night dining within walking distance of Yonge/Front intersection?

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Hi there, I will be getting into Toronto a bit late this Thursday, plan to go to my hotel (the Meridien) before heading out for food, probably around 10pm. Will I be able to find places to eat nearby that late (meaning places where I won't get rushed out)? Can anyone recommend a good one?

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  1. lots of places open - check out marche at yonge and front in the BCE place or go east to Front and Church area. Many restaurants and bars there.

    have fun and enjoy your visit.

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    1. re: flo

      Thanks! Any idea whether I will need a reservation? I have heard of lines at Marche.

      1. re: pompom
        Strawberry Shortcake

        Probably won't be line up that late.

    2. A couple of options:

      1. Biff's, just east of Yonge on the North side of Front. They apparently have a "late night menu" from 10pm-11pm, and I'm guessing their bar/lounge section will stay open late enough for you not to be rushed out (but I can't say for sure).

      2. Bouchon, on Wellington (also just east of Yonge) is also supposedly open until midnight.

      Good luck!

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      1. re: fern

        Thanks! I had actually wanted to go to Biff's anyway. Think a reservation is necessary?

        1. re: pompom

          You might call for a reservation---I don't know when the musical "Urinetown" gets out, but it's across the street and could make for an after-theatre crowd.

          1. re: fern

            I think the Shopsy's down there is also open pretty late. Just head east on Front & you'll see it on the north side of the street.

      2. For a very relaxed atmosphere I like C'est What - just east of Front and Church. They are open until 2am daily. You can't go wrong with "45 craft brewed beers on tap, fine whiskies from the world over."


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        1. re: acca94

          good place, and decent selection of beers too.

          non-food note:
          they're closing the music room, as the lease is expiring, and the landlord is tripling the rent. check the website - if u like this room for music, you can write a letter (as many others have) to help petition.