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Jun 23, 2004 12:29 PM

Vegetarian Fit for Wedding

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A soon-to-be married Vegetarian ex-Torontonian will be back for a visit in July, and a couple of us decided to throw him a little wedding dinner, approx. 8-12 people.

Would anyone have a good place to recommend that serves ample Vegetarian choices in a nice setting and pleasant service - and who would let us make reservations for a table on a saturday night for a few hours?

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    1. re: ida

      There's a few comments about Fressen a little way down (post entitled Fressen?). I have to say, I don't think Fresh is appropriate for a celebratory dinner. Too crowded, casual and rushed. Fressen has a better atmosphere for that.

    2. How about a Chinese Vegetarian wedding banquet?

      I would recommend Graceful Vegetarian Restaurant, located at Market Village Shopping Centre. I believe that this is Steeles and Kennedy.

      Here is the address and number:
      4396 Steeles Avenue E, Unit E8, 905-479-8381

      The food is elegant and not too pricey. You can get mock meats (I know that this seems to contradict what vegetarianism is all about but these are tasty.).

      The other places seem to casual. The place is big enough to accommodate the party that you are planning. You can even get a large round table so that conversation flows a bit better.

      Hope that this helps.