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Jun 23, 2004 12:22 PM

birthday dinner

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hi, just wanted advice to go for a birthday dinner, it'll be my 19th birthday and we're looking at a group of around 15, we wanted somewhere we could dress up, and have a good time, nice atmosphere, but accomodating of picky eaters, something for everyone and not too far i've been thinking hernando's hideaway, any other suggestiong in the union station area (within walking distance)

thanks a lot

*a place with live music? just as an extra, but not necessary

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  1. I DO NOT recommend Herhando's Hideaway. The food was bland and the fried ice cream was even worse. You're better off going to Taco Bell if you want Tex-Mex.

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      Ditto on the thumbs down for Hernando's Hideaway. An office lunch for 15 people on a weekday (we reserved and everything)took nearly two and a half hours. Brutal service with food to match.

      1. re: Goober

        I agree as well...DO NOT go to Hernando's Hideaway. Definitely not a place that you require you to dress up for, it's more like you should dress down!

      2. You might try the Sultan's Tent (just east of St Lawrence Theatre on Front).
        They have divided the room into 'tents' that hold about 15 people and prices are good, food is respectable - and you get a belly dancer too.